Sikkim TET Study Material 2021(For Paper-1 & Paper-2)

By Komal|Updated : March 22nd, 2021

The Sikkim Teacher Eligibility Test (STET 2021) is scheduled to be conducted on March 27, 2021(Paper 1).  In this post, we are providing the complete study notes of all the different subjects for easy access and better preparation for STET 2021. We will be covering both STET study material for Paper-1 and STET study material for Paper-2.

We are providing the subject-wise links of all the essential topics. You can undergo an effective revision with the help of the study material provided. The subjects are arranged in subtopics and include all the topics according to the exam pattern.

Child Development & Pedagogy Notes

 Here's the division of the Child Development and Pedagogy topics:

  1. Child Development
  2. Inclusive Education
  3. Learning and Pedagogy

Note Related to Child Development:

Sr No.Topic NameRead Article
1Child development Notes on Intelligence theoriesRead Here
2Concept of DevelopmentRead Here
3Basic Concept of CDPRead Here
4Aspect of CDPRead Here 
5Socialisation processes

Part - 1, Read Here

Part - 2, Read Here

6Essential Theories of Child developmentRead Here
7Notes on Gender as a social constructRead Here
8Assessment and Evaluation Study NotesRead Here
9Principles of Child DevelopmentRead Here
10Development and its relation to learningRead Here

Note Related to Inclusive Education:

Sr. No.Topic NameRead Article
1Child-Centred and Progressive EducationRead Here
 2Child development Notes on Special NeedsRead Here

Note Related to Learning & Pedagogy:

Sr. No.Topic NameRead Article
1Cognition and EmotionRead Here
2Child Development Notes on Learning DisabilitiesRead Here
3Short Notes on Learning Development TheoriesRead Here
4Notes on Motivational Learning Read Here
5Notes on Children ThinkingRead Here
6Method of TeachingRead Here
7Thinking and LearningRead Here

Complete Language(Hindi & English) Pedagogy Notes

Pedagogy is the method and practice of teaching to the students in a class. Language pedagogy includes both Hindi and English and all the important as per the CTET syllabus. Read on!

English Language Pedagogy Notes:

Sr. No.Topic NameNotes Link
1Short Notes on Function & Principle of English LanguageRead Here
2Study Notes on Role of Grammar in English TeachingRead Here
3Notes on Learning & AcquisitionRead Here
4Chomsky's Theory of Language AcquisitionRead Here
5Study Notes on Functions of English Language TeachingRead Here
6Study Notes on Remedial Teaching Read Here
7Notes on Teaching-Learning MaterialsRead Here

Hindi Language Pedagogy Notes:

Sr.No.Topic NameNotes Link
1भाषा शिक्षण में सुनने और बोलने की भूमिका पर नोट्सनोट्स पढ़े
2भाषा शिक्षण के सूत्र और विधियाँ पर स्टडी नोट्सनोट्स पढ़े
3अधिगम और अर्जन पर हिंदी शिक्षण के नोट्सनोट्स पढ़े
4भाषा कौशल की शिक्षण विधियाँ पर अध्ययन नोट्सनोट्स पढ़े
5भाषा शिक्षण के सिद्धांत पर स्टडी नोट्सनोट्स पढ़े
6भाषा कौशल एवं इसके प्रकार पर स्टडी नोट्सनोट्स पढ़े

Complete Environmental Studies Notes

Environment study is an important subject for CTET Paper-1 preparation. We have covered all the basic topics like food, water, travel, shelter, etc. The complete study notes include

  • EVS content-related topics
  • EVS Pedagogy

EVS Content Related Notes:

Sr.No.Topic NameNotes Link
1Study Notes on ShelterRead Here
2Notes on WaterRead Here
3Notes on TravelRead Here
4Notes on FoodRead Here
5Notes on FamilyRead Here
6Notes on Basic Concept of EVSRead Here
7study Notes on Flora and FaunaRead Here
8Study Notes on Things we can Make & DoRead Here

EVS Pedagogy Related Notes:

Sr. No.

Topic Name


Notes Link
1Environmental Sciences: Definition, Scope & ImportanceRead Here
2Learning Principles and TheoriesRead Here
3Methods and activities related to EVSRead Here
4Concept and Integrated Environmental StudiesRead Here
5Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation ( CCE )Read Here
6Problems in Environmental StudiesRead Here
7Teaching Material & AidsRead Here
8Experimentation & Practical WorkRead Here
9DiscussionRead Here
10Approaches to Presenting ConceptsRead Here
11Scope & relation to Science & Social Science & ActivitiesRead Here

Complete Mathematics Notes

Mathematics is one of the challenging topics for CTET candidates. The topics include both Paper-1 and Paper-2 topics. We have divided the topics into three parts. It will ease the understanding of the topics according to the syllabus, 

  • Arithmetic
  • Advance Maths
  • Mathematics Pedagogy

Notes Related to Arithmetics Math:

Sr. No.Topic NameNotes Link
1Tricks to Find Unit DigitRead Notes Here
2Notes on HCF & LCMRead Notes Here
3Notes on Time & WorkRead Notes Here
4Notes on Time & DistanceRead Notes Here
5Notes on Number System - Part - IRead Notes Here
6Notes on Number System - Part - 2Read Notes Here
7Notes on PercentageRead Notes Here
8Notes on Simple InterestRead Notes Here
9Notes on AverageRead Notes Here
10Notes on Profit & LossRead Notes Here
11Notes on Ratio & ProportionRead Notes Here
12Notes on Compound InterestRead Notes Here

Notes Related to Advance Math:

Sr. No.Topic NameNotes Link
1Notes on Mensuration (2D)Read Notes Here
2Notes on Mensuration (3D)Read Notes Here
3Notes on TrianglesRead Notes Here

Notes Related to Math Pedagogy:

Sr. No.Topic NameNotes Link
1Study Notes on Language and Community of MathematicsRead Notes Here
2Study Notes on Evaluation MethodsRead Notes Here
3Study Notes on Place of Mathematics in CurriculumRead Notes Here
4Notes on Techniques of Mathematics TeachingRead Notes Here
5Notes on Concept and Nature of Mathematics PedagogyRead Notes Here

Complete Social Science Notes

Social Science is an essential subject for the Art background students fo CTET paper-2. It is necessary to pay special attention to this part as there will be 60 questions of one mark each from this section. The topics are divided as follows:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Social science pedagogy

Notes Related to Geography

Serial No.Topic NameNotes Link
1Study Notes on EarthRead Notes Here
2Study Notes on AgricultureRead Notes Here
3 Study Notes on GlobeRead Notes Here
4Study Notes on Air and AtmosphereRead Notes Here
5Study notes on Water Read Notes Here
6Study notes on transportRead Notes Here
7Study Notes on the Resources and their typesRead Notes Here

Note Related to History

Serial No.Topic NameNotes Link
1Notes on Earliest SocietiesRead Notes Here
2Study Notes on the Earliest Cities Read Notes Here 
3Note on Chalukyas Dynasty and Pallava DynastyRead Notes Here
4Notes on Buddhism & JainismRead Notes Here
5Note on Bahmani and Vijayanagara KingdomsRead Notes Here
6Note on Delhi Sultanate Part - 1Read Notes Here
7Note on Delhi Sultanate Part - 2Read Notes Here
8Note on Mughal EmpireRead Notes Here
9Note on Viceroys of IndiaRead Notes Here
10Note on European in IndiaRead Notes Here
11Notes on Indian Independence & National MovementRead Notes Here
12Study Notes on First Farmers and HerdersRead Notes Here
13Study Notes on The First EmpireRead Notes Here

Notes Related to Political Science:

Serial No.Topic NameNotes Link
1International Boundary LinesRead Notes Here
2Note on Indian ConsitutionRead Notes Here
3Notes on Vice President of IndiaRead Notes Here

Note Related Social studies pedagogy:

Serial No.Topic NameNotes Link
1Teaching Learning Material in social Science PedagogyRead Notes Here
2Problem related to Social Science teachingRead Notes Here
3Project Method in Social Science PedagogyRead Notes Here
4Critical Thinking and Blooms TaxonomyRead Notes Here
5Classroom Process and Discourse Method of TeachingRead Notes Here
6Study Notes on Concept & Nature of Social Studies PedagogyRead Notes Here
7Study Notes on NCF 2005 for CTET & TET ExamRead Notes Here
8Concept & Teaching of social studiesRead Notes Here

Complete Science Notes

The science section is vital for the CTET paper-2 science background students. This covers essential topics content as well as the pedagogy section. Go through the syllabus and plan out the preparation agenda around these topics.

Study Notes Related to Science Content:

Serial No.Topic NameTopic Link
1Notes on Metal & Non-MetalRead Notes Here
2Notes of Health & Disease Read Notes Here
3Notes on Natural ResourceRead Notes Here
4Notes on FoodRead Notes Here
5Notes on Material and its classificationRead Notes Here
6Notes on Electric current and circuitsRead Notes Here
7Notes on Magnets and MagnetismRead Notes Here

Study Notes Related to Science Pedagogy:

Serial No.Topic NameTopic Link
1Notes on Evaluation Read Notes Here
2Notes on Innovation Science Teaching Read Notes Here
3Notes on Nature & Structure of ScienceRead Notes Here
 Notes on Understanding & Appreciating ScienceRead Notes Here
4Notes on Problem & Remedial Science TeachingRead Notes Here
5Aims & Objective of ScienceRead Notes Here
6Science Study Notes on Teaching AidsRead Notes Here
7The role of Curriculum in Science TeachingRead Notes Here
8Observation/Experiment/Discovery (Method of Science)Read Notes Here

The target of this article is to provide complete study notes of all different subjects in one post. Comprehensive study notes in a single post will help in effective revision, and it will also help utilise the time better.

Note: All Notes Available in both Hindi & English Language.

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Sahi Prep hai toh Life Set hai!



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  • 2:30 hours

  •  Difficulty of the exam completely depends on the prior knowledge and experience. If you have command over the subjects required to crack STET then it will be comparatively easier. h candidates giving the exam for the first time may find it difficult to understand the questions of the pedagogy section. Rest all depends on your hard work.

  • On 27th March 2021(paper 1)

  • 150 marks each for Paper 1& 2.

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