Medieval History Notes: Delhi Sultanate Part -2

By Ashish Kumar|Updated : September 21st, 2022

History covers a good number of questions making it an important topic to cover in Teaching Exams.  Around 10-12 questions ask from History which surely makes it important for you to study the topic well for upcoming  Exams. Here are Medieval History Notes which you should not ignore.

Tughlaq Dynasty (1320 - 1412):

  • Tughlaq Dynasty was founded by Ghiazuddin Tughlaq. His real name was Ghazi Malik.
  • Ghiasuddin Tughlaq founded the dynasty after killing Khuzru Khan in 1320. Ghiazuddin died by the collapse of a pavilion.
  • He built the Tughlaqabad Fort in Delhi the third city of Delhi to the east of the Qutub complex.
  • Ghiassudhin Tughlaq was the first Sulthan to start irrigation works.
  • GhiassuddinTughlaq was succeeded by his son Jauna Khan, popularly known as Muhammed Bin Tughlaq.
  • Muhammed Bin Tughlaq is considered the single most responsible person for the decline of the Delhi Sultanate.
  • Muhammed Bin Tughlaq was known as a mixture of opposites, wisest fool, Pagal padushah, unfortunate idealogue and the predecessor of Akbar in intellectual and religious matters.
  • Ibn Batuta called him ‘‘an illstared idealist’’.
  • He shifted his capital from Delhi to Devagiri (Daulatabad) in 1327.
  • In 1330 he introduced the token currency of bronze and copper.
  • Moroccan Traveller Ibn Batuta visited India during his period.
  • Edward Thanas described him as a ‘prince of moneyers’.
  • Muhammed Bin Tughlaq was succeeded by his elderly cousin, Firoz Shah Tughlaq.
  • Firoz Shah Tughlaq was the first Sulthan of Delhi to impose Jaziya. It was a religious tax for the freedom of worship. He imposed it only upon Brahmins.
  • He built the city of Firozbad in Delhi. The Firoz shah Kotla was also built by him. The gateway of Firozshah Kottla is Khooni Darwaza or blood-stained gate. It was constructed by Shersha Suri.
  • He transplanted two Ashokan Pillars to Firozabad.
  • He is the author of Fatuhat -i- Firozshahi
  • After Firozshah Tughlaq Muhammed Shah Tughlaq or Naziruddin Muhammed came to the throne.
  • It was during the period of his reign that Timur the Lame or Tamerlain a Turkish conqueror of the Tartar tribe from Samarkhand attacked India in 1398.
  • Timur appointed Khizr Khan, the governor of Multan his authority in India.

Sayyid Dynasty (1414 - 1451):

  • Sayyid Dynasty was founded by Khizr Khan in 1414.
  • Last Sayyid Sulthan was Alauddin Alamshah or Shah Alam I. He was killed by Bahalol Lodhi in 1451.

Other rulers of the Sayyid Dynasty

  • Mubarak Shah (1421-1434)
  • Muhammad Shah (1434-1443)
  • Alam Shah (1443-1451)
  • Lodhi Dynasty (1451-1526)

Lodhi Dynasty (1451-1526)

Bahlol Lodhi (1451-1488)

  • He founded the Lodhi dynasty by usurping the throne from the last of the Sayyid rulers.
  • Bahlol belonged to the Shahu Khel clan of the Lodhi Pashtun tribe.

Sikandar Lodhi (1489-1517)

  • He was the son of Bahlol Lodhi.
  • In 1504, he founded the city of Agra and made it his capital.
  • He introduced the Gaz-i-Sikandari

(Sikandar's yard) of 32 digits for measuring cultivated fields.

Ibrahim Lodhi (1517-1526 AD)

  • He was the last king of the Lodhi dynasty and the last Sultan of Delhi.
  • He was the son of Sikandar Lodhi.
  • He was defeated and killed by Babur in the first battle of Panipat in 1526 AD


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