Learning Development Theories, CDP Study Notes, Material – CTET Paper 1 & 2

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Learning Development Theories Study Material & Notes

Learning Development Theories is an important topic for CTET exam. Candidates preparing for Paper 1 and Paper 2 must check the complete detail about this topic. Check the best Learning Development Theories Study Notes to prepare well for this topic.  

The article focuses on Learning Development Theories Study material. Refer to the article to prepare well for this important topic included in CTET Exam.

Developmental views of Learning Theories includes the following:

  • Behaviourism
  • Cognitivism
  • Constructivism
  • Gestalt theory

Learning Development Theories

The major concept of Learning Development Theories includes several important approaches. The best Learning Development Theories study notes have been included here. Check the complete detail of this subject for perfect preparation of the upcoming CTET exam. 

Approaches to Learning Theories: 

1. Behaviourism Theories are given by Thorndike, Pavlov, Watson, Hull, Tallman, Skinner

Main idea: Learning brings a change in Behaviour.

Central idea: Stimulus is present in the external environment.

Use in Education: Desired change in behavior (of the students).

Teacher’s role: Facilitating the child and making a conducive environment for gaining the desired outcome.

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2. Cognitivism theories are given by – Jean Piaget, Kurt Lewin.

Main idea: Process based on internal functioning like insight, memory, perception, thinking, information processing, etc.

Central point: Internal cognitive structures.

Use in education: Developing capacities and potentialities based on Cognitive attitude.

Teacher’s role: Focusing on Cognitive Aspects.

3. Constructivism: Theories are given by Lev Vygotsky, Bruner

Main Idea: Knowledge is a constructed entity.

Central Point: We construct the understanding of this whole world based on making sense of the experiences.

Use in Education: Learning processes must be based on primary and sole Concepts, not just factual information.

Teacher’s role: Social aspects must be given an appropriate place.

4. Gestalt Theory Theories are given by Kohler, Koffka, Wertheimer.

Main idea: Higher-order Cognitive Aspects and processes continuing in the brain.

Central Idea: Every piece of Cognitive information is passed into our brain in meaningful patterns or as an organized whole.

Use in education: Already Gained experiences and knowledge must be applied to solve a problem and learning should be considered “It’s for problem-solving”.

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Recommended books for CDP

It is important to include only the best CTET books to prepare for this subject. Include only those books as suggested by the experts. Some of the books that explain this topic in the easiest possible way are included here:
Serial No. Book Name Author Name
1. CTET and TETs Child Development and Pedagogy Paper 1 and 2  Arihant Experts
2. CTET Child Development and Pedagogy for Paper 1 and Paper 2  By Pearson (Sandeep Kumar)
3. Educating Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education  Mangal S.K

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Learning Development Theories, CDP Study Notes, Material – CTET Paper 1 & 2

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