Problem Related to Social Science Teaching, Study Notes, Material

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

In this article, we should read related to the Problem Related to Social Science Teaching, Important for the CTET Paper-1 & 2.

As we all know that in our society there are so many preconceptions related to social science content. Social study may be accepted as a non-scientific, non-utility, irrelevant, and ill-famed subject by society. It is considered that its content is very lengthy basically in history. It has very limited carrier options. So, we can say that social science teaching and learning affects a lot due to the various conceptions related to its subject matter or contents.

Challenges during social science teaching and learning process:

Various challenges that are faced during the teaching-learning process are:

1. Problem-related to the uncertainty of objective: Evaluation should be in such a way that may be clearly defined in behavioural terms.

2. Problems related to the instructional material: There is a lack of instructional material related to social science teaching. Arranging resources require expert teachers as well as the expenditure from school ends.

3. Problems related to the unavailability of trained or experienced teachers: Trained and experienced teachers are required for quality education which is a major problem related to social study teaching.

4. Problems related to in-service teachers’ training: Due to the lack of inadequate training facilities teacher faces the problem of upgrading themselves which results in the hindrance of social science teaching.

5. Problems related to insufficient tools of evaluation: Social study teaching-learning process lacks proper tools of evaluation which are used for evaluating the student’s performance.

6. Problems related to the library: The lack of a library is a major problem that hinders the teaching-learning process. A lot of reference books are required in the social studies teaching-learning process and due to their unavailability teaching-learning process suffers a lot.

Approaches in the Teaching of Social Science:

The main aim of social science is to infuse moral and mental energy in the child so that it can make the child think and deal independently with the various forces of society without compromising his/her individuality. And these aims can be achieved with the help of the following approaches:

  • Problem-based learning: Problem-based learning is an active or self-directed learning process where students perform the task collectively in small groups. Problem-based learning helps in developing transferable skills in the students which can be put in various skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and participation.
  • Collaborative learning: In this type of learning students gather information or knowledge by forming an association, working in teams, sharing books, food, etc. should be appreciated.
  • Experiential-based learning: In experiential-based learning actual life experiences of learners should be linked with the content of the textbooks. In this method, students gather information or knowledge through various sources like a field trip to historical places or various natural sites, role-playing, surveys, etc.
  • Community-Based Learning: Community-based learning is an essential way of sensitizing students toward various issues prevailing in society. Project-based projects and programs are the best way of community-based learning.

Team teaching:

Team teaching refers to a group of teachers working together to optimize resources, interests, and expertise. Team teaching is very helpful to teachers when students with special needs are being educated in a regular classroom. This team of teachers shares their insights and even argues with each other.

  • Team teaching requires planning, skilled management, open-mindedness, imagination, creativity, and even risk change failures or humility but the consequences are worth it.
  • In team teaching the evaluation done by teachers will be more balanced or insightful than the self-evaluation of an individual teacher.

Curriculum and textbook of Social Science:

 To overcome the problems related to the social science teaching and learning process the curriculum of social science should be comprehensive or should enable students to develop critical thinking of understanding of society. The textbook and curriculum of social science textbook should be-

  • Comprehensive in which learners, as well as teachers, are involved in generating knowledge without any inactive or present forces of coercion.
  • Designed in such a way that provides chances for scientific inquiry to the students.
  • Based upon the gender concerns that need to be addressed in terms of making the prospects of women an integral part of the discussion related to historical events and contemporary issues.
  • The curriculum of social science shows women’s struggles in Indian history as well as present-day situations.

This article tends to be beneficial for the following exams – REET, UPTET, CTET, Super TET, DSSSB, KVS, etc.

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Problem Related to Social Science Teaching, Study Notes, Material

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