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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Mathematics Pedagogy is an important topic in the Mathematics section of CTET, UPTET, REET, HTET and other TET examinations which carries a weightage of 30 marks in each paper. In this article, we should read related to the techniques of mathematics teaching.

Techniques of Mathematics teaching can be effectively used to make the learning meaningful, Interesting and Permanent. Some important techniques of teaching Mathematics are being discussed here.

Techniques of Mathematics teaching can be effectively used to make the learning meaningful, Interesting and Permanent. Some important techniques of teaching Mathematics are being discussed here.

Techniques of teaching Mathematics:

  • Oral or Mental work
  • Drill work
  • Homework or Home assignment
  • Assignment
  • Written work
  • Group work
  • Self-study
  • Supervised study
  • Review
  • Brainstorming

Oral or Mental work:

The mental work occupies an important place in mathematics. In this work, the only mental process is employed, so it is also known as Mental work.

Importance of oral work:

  • It is the backbone of not only written work but also overall works in the Mathematics.
  • It develops mental alertness and quick thinking.
  • It is a good technique because it develops alertness, the readiness of mind, quick hearing and quick thinking.
  • It may be effective in the initial stages.
  • It is an effective means of maintaining discipline in the class.
  • Previous knowledge of the student can be checked properly before teaching the new lesson.
  • It helps in diagnosing the difficulties and doubts of students.

Disadvantages of oral work:

  • In oral work learned material cannot be retained for a long time
  • All problems cannot be solved verbally.
  • It develops a habit of self-study in children.

Drill work:

Mathematics is a subject of practice and exercise. So drill work has an important place in the teaching Mathematics. Making use of drill we expect speed and accuracy in solving mathematical problems. Drill work is based on the psychological principles such as learning by doing and the law of exercise.

Importance of Drill work:

  • It develops confidence and a sense of achievement in the students.
  • In drill work learned material can be retained for a long time.
  • This technique of learning is good for beginners.
  • It develops speed and accuracy in the learning of mathematics.
  • With the help of this technique memory of the child can be checked.

Disadvantages of Drill work:

  • This technique of teaching is not suitable for all topics.
  • Drills are not effective when students are not prepared enough.
  • Drill work creates disturbance in other classes.

How to make Drill Effective:

  • Drill work should be an interesting affair and not become unpleasant and boring.
  • It should be brief and distributed over a period of time.
  • In this work, the student should be given sufficient opportunity and proper atmosphere.

Homework or Home assignment:

Homework means creating a study environment for the children at home.

Importance of Homework or Home assignment:

  • It supplements the classroom teaching.
  • It utilizes the leisure time of the child, otherwise, the child will waste it in gossiping and playing.
  • It develops a habit of regularity and hard working. It brings a closer relationship between the parents and the school.
  • It develops a  habit of self-study in children.

Disadvantages of Homework:

  • Some students develop tensions because of homework
  • It does not provide suitable conditions for work.


The assignment is a supplement to classroom teaching. The assignment is a work assigned to the students which may be done at school or at home as desired by the teacher.

Assignment in mathematics includes two different kinds of problems:

  • Repetitive problems:- Based on new work
  • Review problems:– Based on previous topics

Importance of Assignment:

  • Assignment removes the difficulties of children in learning mathematics.
  • It develops confidence and a sense of achievement in the students.
  • It supplements the classroom teaching
  • It correlates with the previous knowledge and experiences.
  • the purpose of assignments is to increase the practical skills of students.

Disadvantages of Assignment:

  • In Assignment work, the slow learners stay behind. They tend to copy others works.
  • Assignment work needs to spend more time in seeking information and its retrieval.
  • This technique of teaching is a time-consuming and burdensome process.

Written work:

In Mathematics all the work cannot be done orally. Therefore oral work must be supplemented by the written work. It helps the teacher to know the amount of work done by his students.

Importance of Written work:

  • Written work is helpful to solve lengthy problems in mathematics.
  • It helps in testing the knowledge imparted orally.
  • In this technique of teaching mathematics, mistakes can be checked properly. It diminishes the chances of mistakes.
  • This technique of teaching mathematics is quite helpful in the mental development of the student.

Disadvantages of Written work:

  • It is time consuming and laborious technique of teaching mathematics.
  • This teaching technique is not suitable for beginners. Beginners can learn effectively by Drill work and oral work.

Group work:

It is one of the most important techniques of teaching mathematics. In this technique, large class or group is divided into a smaller group according to the abilities and interests of the students. Thus, the group becomes smaller and so greater attention can be paid to be individual students.

Importance of Group work:

  • The group must be in accordance to the level of intelligence and achievement of students. Hence group should be homogeneous.
  • In this technique of teaching complex task break into parts and steps.
  • Group work helps to improve understanding through discussion and explanation.
  • It makes competitive cooperation amongst group member.
  • A mathematics teacher may employ this technique for collection of some mathematical data.

Disadvantages of Group work:

  • While working in a group, there is no place for individual or independent thinking.
  • In group work Decision making takes time.
  • In group work, it is very easy for the person to avoid work and leave it to others to complete. 


In self-study, individual studies and learns by himself. Here the student attempts and solves every problem without the help of any other person.

Importance of Self study:

  • In this technique of teaching mathematics child work or studies independently.
  • It develops the problem-solving attitude in the student.
  • It the best way to utilize leisure time.
  • It develops the interest of the students in the subject.
  • Self-study widens the mental ability of the student.

Disadvantages of Self study:

  • This technique is time-consuming.
  • Understanding the study many be difficult without a mentor.
  • In self-study, there is no certainty you are studying the right thing.

Supervised study:

Supervised study is the study of assigned work by the students in the presence and under the direct supervision of the teacher. This technique is based on the principle of activity and individual differences.

Importance of Supervised study:

  • The supervised study creates a studious atmosphere for the self-study of the student.
  • The teacher presence makes the atmosphere more disciplined and congenial for hard work.
  • It diminishes the burden of homework on the students.

Disadvantages of Supervised study:

  • This technique of teaching mathematics has overburdened the teacher and demands more time and attention from the teacher.
  • In this technique over guidance may be interference in the free thinking and working of the students.


Review means to view again. Its main purpose is recalling the past experiences to produce better retention. It should not be the purpose of repeating the material learned. The review must involve in new learning.

Purpose of Review:

  • It focuses on the main point rather than on the details.
  • It develops a new interest in old materials.
  • It introduces new elements and reorganization of thought.
  • Its main aim is to fix the concepts.


It based on the modern theory of generalization of the task. In this technique of teaching mathematics teacher to assign a problem to all the students. Students think over the problem independently after that they asked to express their views and ideas which come to their mind frankly. It is not necessary whether the ideas of students are meaningful or not. The teacher writes students view and draws a conclusion.

Importance of Brainstorming:

  • brainstorming improves our critical thinking and problem-solving skills as an individual and a team.
  • In this technique, students are free to provide more ideas and views.
  • It is a problem-oriented technique of teaching and learning.
  • It Encourages Critical Thinking to achieve the higher order of cognitive and affective objectives.

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