Kerala PSC 10th Level Exam 2022: 10 Days Study Plan

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Kerala PSC Tenth Level Exam 2022 is a highly competitive examination conducted by the Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC). Kerala PSC 10th Level Prelims Exam 2022 is going to conduct on May 15, May 28, June 11 and June 28. To get high marks in any exam, candidates should have a good study plan and focused preparation. Byju’s Subject Matter Experts will provide a good Kerala PSC 10th Level Exam 10 days Study Plan 2022. By going through this article, candidates could get a good idea of important topics of the syllabus asked in the Kerala PSC 10th Level Exam 2022.

10 Days Kerala PSC 10th Level Prelims Exam Study Plan 2022

The Kerala PSC 10th Level Prelims Exam 10 Day study plan 2022 will help the aspirants to cover the most important topics of the syllabus from the exam point of view and give them a good upper hand over other students. The Kerala PSC 10th Level Exam 10 Day study plan will be updated regularly and consolidate points of important topics. The study plan for the Kerala PSC 10th Level Exam will be covered in 10 days, in which the important topics or subjects coming under the syllabus will be covered in this article. Our subject matter experts will help you study an important topic in each section each day. We also try to include quizzes and revision tests with it. This study plan is proper for all tenth level exam candidates appearing for this Kerala PSC 10th Level Exam 2022.

Kerala PSC 10th Level Prelims Exam 2022 Study Plan

The topic-wise study plan of the Kerala PSC 10th Level Prelims Exam 2022 is provided below. Here Our Experts will cover the high weightage topics of the syllabus in 10 days. Along with these, Mini-revision and mini-quizzes are also given with this. Candidates can also analyze Kerala PSC 10th Level Exam Question Papers to get knowledge of the exam standard and pattern.



Quizzes Link


Mughal Empire:Jahangir- Aurangzeb in Malayalam

First War of Independence in Malayalam

Formation of INC in Malayalam

Indian Social Reform movements

Mughal Dynasty and Rulers Quiz

The revolt of 1857

Indian National Congress

Social Reforms


Mahatma Gandhi & Indian National Movement in Malayalam

Revolutionary Movements in British India in Malayalam

State Reorganization in Malayalam

Constituent Assembly in Malayalam

Indian Independence- Part 1 Quiz

Revolts in British Period Quiz

State Affairs Quiz

Constituent Assembly Quiz


Preamble, Union & Citizenship in Malayalam

Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties

Constitutional Amendments in Malayalam

Constitutional Institutions and their Functions in Malayalam

Preamble of Constitution Quiz

Human Rights Quiz

Constitutional Amendments Quiz

Constitutional and Non Constitutional Bodies Quiz 


Time and Work in Malayalam

Speed, Time and Distance Problems in Malayalam

Budget of India in Malayalam

Financial Institutions in India in Malayalam


Time and Distance

Quantitative-I Quiz

Financial Policies Quiz

National Income Quiz



Atmosphere in Malayalam

Physiography Of India-Part I in Malayalam

Physiography Of India-Part II in Malayalam

Continents and its specific features in Malayalam

Layers of Atmosphere Quiz

Mountains Quiz

Hills and Passes Quiz

Continents Quiz


Indian Civil Services in Malayalam

Political Parties in India in Malayalam

Indian Judiciary in Malayalam

Right to Information Acts


Acts and Laws Quiz

Local Governance Quiz

Government Policies and Acts

Political events of Kerala Quiz



Indian Climate & Monsoon in Malayalam

Seasons in India in Malayalam

Minerals in India in Malayalam

Agriculture in India in Malayalam


Climate and Seasons Quiz

Monsoon of Kerala Quiz

Rivers of Kerala Quiz

Districts of Kerala


Computer Networks – Types and Devices in Malayalam
Hardware – Input, output, and Memory devices in Malayalam

Software – Classification, OS, and Applications in Malayalam

Internet in Malayalam

Computer Devices Quiz

Computer Technology Quiz

Computer Terms Quiz

Cyber crimes Quiz


The foreign policy of India in Malayalam

French revolution in Malayalam

American War of Independence in Malayalam

Second World War in Malayalam


American Revolution Quiz

Formation of Kerala Quiz

Treaties and Revolutions

State Affairs




ISRO in Malayalam

DRDO in Malayalam

Various forms of Art forms in Kerala

Biodiversity Hot Spots in India in Malayalam

Stage Arts of Kerala

Ecology Quiz

Revision Test

Revision Test- II

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