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Question 1

Under which article of the constitution of India, can Adhoc judges of the supreme court be appointed?

Question 2

Now a days, we often come across the terms like Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Everything (IoE). Consider the following statements in this regard:

1) These are emerging communication concepts that will interconnect a variety of devices.

2) These will facilitate the free and ultra fast communication to reduce the digital divide in rural India.

3) Built-in sensors and Near-Field Communication (NFC) are an integral part of these.

Which of the statements given above are correct?

Question 3

With reference to the Anglo-Maratha War, match the following.

Question 4

Which Five-Year Plan was launched on the 50th anniversary of India's independence?

Question 5

Choose the correct chronological order of following battles fought by Babur:

Question 6

Which country is popularly known as the 'Gateway to Asia'?

Question 7

Geothermal Energy refers to:

Question 8

‘Madhubani’ painting is related to which state?

Question 9

Panchayati Raj is the subject of which list?

Question 10

Which graph is used to record changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide?

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