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Rivers of Kerala

Question 1

Which of the following dam(s) is/are not located in Bharathapuzha?

(I) Kulamavu Dam

(II) Chulliyar Dam

(III) Anaerangal Dam

(IV) Mingara Dam

Question 2

In which river Dharmadam Island is located?

(I) Kabini

(II) Chandragiri river

(III) Pampar

(IV) Ancharakandi river

Question 3

Which River is mentioned in Arundhati Roy's ‘God of Small Things’?

Question 4

In which of the following river Sholayar Hydroelectric Project is located?

1) Periyar

2) Chalakudy river

3) Chaliyar

4) Neyyar

Question 5

Consider the given information’s:

(I) The river in Kerala which has the highest number of tributaries.

(II) The most polluted river in Kerala.

(III) The river which has the largest number of hydropower projects in Kerala.

Identify the river?

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