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Formation of Kerala Quiz

Question 1

Under whose Presidentship was the Aikya Kerala Conference held at Trichur in 1947?

Question 2

Who is known as the father of Aikya Kerala Movement?

Question 3

When was the State of Travancore- Cochin formed?

Question 4

Choose the correct statements

I. Cochin Maharaja, Sri Kerala Varma attended the Aikya Kerala Conference

II. Aikya Kerala Conference was under the presidentship K.P. Kesava Menon

III. The Conference was held at Trichur in April 1947

IV. United Kerala comprises of Travancore and Cochin

Question 5

Choose the correct statements

I. Kerala was formed under the recommendation of Fazal Ali commission

II. The district of Malabar and Kasargod taluk South Canara district added to the new state of Kerala

III. Two southern taluks of Tovala and Vilavancode were only separated from Travancore-Cochin

IV. The reorganization of the states of the Indian Union on linguistic basis.

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