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Districts of Kerala

Question 1

Which district has launched 'Operation Pure Water' project to ensure quality of drinking water?

Question 2

Consider the given information’s and identify the district in Kerala.

(I)  District formed on Republic Day.

(II)  The second largest coffee producing district in Kerala.

(III)  The first child friendly district in India.

(IV) District where the first Spices Park in Kerala is located.

Question 3

In which year did Idukki district lost its reputation as the largest district in Kerala?

(I) 2002

(II) 2004

(III) 2006

(IV) 2008

Question 4

The first mangrove research center in Kerala is located in which district?

Question 5

Match the following correctly.

(I). The first child-friendly panchayat in Kerala                   - (a). Manickal.

(II). The first women-friendly grama panchayat in Kerala - (b). Nedumbassery.

(III). First Bala-Panchayat in Kerala                                 - (c). Mararikulam South.

(IV). The first old-age-friendly panchayat in Kerala          - (d). Venganur.

Question 6

Which district is famous for its dance drama 'Meenakshi Kalyanam'?

Question 7

Which of the following statement / statements is/are correct regarding Kasaragod district?

(I) Cheemeni thermal power plant is located in Kasaragod.

(II) Kasaragod is the first complete crop insurance district of Kerala.

(III) Kasaragod is the only tobacco-producing district in Kerala.

(IV) Kasaragod is the first district in India to have a complete primary education.

Question 8

Which of these forts / forts is not included in Kasaragod district?

(I) Bekal Fort

(II) Chaliyam Fort

(III) St. Angelo Fort

(IV) Chandragiri Fort

Question 9

Where is the headquarters of the Coir Board situated?

Question 10

Which of the following research centres is/are located in the Alappuzha district?

(I) Rice Research Station

(II) Coconut Research Station

(III) Coir Research Station

(IV) Tuber Crop Research Station

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