SSC CGL Tier 1 2022-23: How Prepare for CGL Tier 1 Exam? Preparation Tips to Score Better

By Ashwini Shivhare|Updated : September 13th, 2022

Preparation Strategy for SSC CGL 2022-23 exam: The long wait of lakhs of govt job seekers is over, SSC will release the SSC CGL recruitment notification 2022 anytime now as it was scheduled to be released on 10th September 2022. Students have already tightened their seat belts and are busy preparing for the upcoming SSC CGL rigorously. The SSC CGL 2022 Examinations Tier-1 is scheduled to be held in the month of December. With almost 3 months remaining for the exam, we are here to help you with your CGL preparation strategy in order to make the most of this remaining time. 

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SSC CGL Preparation Strategy 2022-23

Preparation Strategy for SSC CGL is fundamental for candidates to clear the SSC CGL Examination. The SSC CGL exam takes place every year. The SSC CGL Examination is administered by the Staff Selection Commission for the appointment of staff for different Group B and Group C posts. You need to have the on-point SSC CGL strategy under your wing to be picked.

It might be the easiest exam to crack if you're on the right page and applying the right approach. Therefore, if you are willing to take the exam and are looking for guidance, this post is for you. This includes SSC CGL preparation tips & tricks for Tier-1 to help you successfully get through the exam with flying colours.

SSC CGL Reasoning Preparation Strategy

General Intelligence and Reasoning section is the most favourite section of aspirants of SSC CGL 2020. This section is usually the easiest of all and no major variation is observed in the pattern of questions over the years. It is the most scoring area. Students can easily get 42 – 45 marks in this section with proper practice and the right approach.

Basic theory: To have a better understanding of the subject, one should learn the basic theory. Also, learning theory helps in better implementation of tricks. Candidates can follow youtube tutorials for it.

Basic tip and tricks: As the reasoning section is also a time-consuming section and candidates have a limited time for each section, learning the basic tips and tricks help a lot in saving time. One cannot expect to finish the exam on time without getting a hold of these topics like counting the figures, missing numbers, completing the series etc can be solved within seconds with the help of tricks. One must remember the alphabetical order on the fingertips.

Practice Important Topics: Regularly go through the previous years' papers and practice the topics from where most questions were asked. 

Previous Years' Papers: Practicing the previous years' papers is a must. When we talk about the reasoning section it becomes all the way more as mentioned before that the question pattern in this section has not changed over the years.

SSC CGL General Awareness Preparation Strategy

General Awareness usually comprises three sub-sections mainly: General study, Static General Knowledge and Current affairs. Over the last 4 - 5 years, there has been an increase in the question based on current affairs and a decrease in the static general knowledge questions. Questions are asked more on relevant hot topics. 

General Study and Current Affairs: students should regularly read the newspapers and revise monthly current affairs pdfs. Pay extra attention to the recently launched books and their authors, sports events and tournaments, awards etc.

Static General Knowledge: For preparing this particular section, candidates should regularly revise the pdfs and take mock tests. The section is so vast one cannot think of covering the whole syllabus in a limited time. Therefore, aspirants should try to cover the maximum and revise regularly. Also, it is been seen that many a time most of the questions from static general knowledge are repeated questions from past years' question papers which make it easy to score in this area.

SSC CGL English Preparation

Under the English section, questions usually come from three main areas: reading comprehension, Vocabulary and grammar-based. Also, in Tier-2, the English question paper weighs 200 marks. So, one cannot think of clearing the SSC CGL Exam without having a stronghold in the subject. Let us see how we can start our SSC CGL English Preparation and score maximum marks from this section:

Reading Newspaper Daily: The habit of reading best newspapers on daily basis will be beneficial of students as it can increase their speed of reading and solving comprehension and understanding the passage in a better way. In addition to that, they can enrich their vocabulary too. Also, along with that, they can update themselves with current events. 

Making Notes: Aspirants can make their own notes of grammar rules and sentence structure which can be revised regularly and in a short span of time. These notes will be very useful in the last month. 

Make daily Vocabulary targets: Vocabulary-based questions are one of the important topics of the English language section. These questions play a crucial role in getting an edge in the competition. Candidates should daily update their vocabulary with 5 - 10 words and some idioms and phrases too. Also, try to learn the antonyms and synonyms of the newly learnt words. Exam warriors can start from the words that appeared in previous years' papers and mock tests. 

SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Strategy

Quantitative aptitude plays a very significant role in the whole examination process. It weighs 50 marks in tier - 1 and in tier - 2 for 200 marks. Also, there is no denying fact that this is the most time-consuming section owing to its calculative nature. Also, the pattern of questions keeps changing. One thing to be kept in mind is not to skip any of the topics as the distribution of questions on different topics keeps changing. So, one has to be thorough with every topic. 
The following tips can make the Quant preparation easy:

Make notes: One should prepare the notes for the quant section for topics like trigonometric identities, important formulae etc. These notes will be helpful in the last few days of operation for easy revision and, more importantly, in tier- 2. 

Fast calculation: To get an edge over the others, one should sharpen the calculation speed. This would save a lot of time in the exam. Candidates can mug up cubes, square roots, tables and other multiplication and division tricks. This would make the quant section a cakewalk for serious aspirants. 

Stick to a specific approach and master it: To avoid unnecessary confusion, one should stick to one kind of approach to solve a particular question. It is generally observed that candidates try to learn multiple approaches and get confused in the exam hall. It's better to stick to a single approach and master it by practising it regularly.

SSC CGL Preparation Strategy for Beginners

Preparing a timetable helps in using the time effectively and productively. While preparing for the exam, by making a timetable one can ensure the timely completion of the syllabus and revision of important topics. Here are some tips on how to prepare a time-table:

Daily target: one can divide the study time into different sections depending on the strength and weaknesses of a person. More time should be given to the area which needs more improvement or so-called "weak areas". The strong area should be given lesser time. 

Weekly target/ Monthly target: Candidates should set a weekly target for themselves to cover a specific portion of the syllabus in the given week. Also, do not forget to revise the learnt topics at the end of the week and practice mock tests.

SSC CGL Preparation: Mock Test

Regularly practising mocks helps the aspirants check their SSC CGL preparation and the improvements made in the weak areas. It also provides a clear idea about the competition and their position in the competition. While solving the mocks students can apply the following tips: 

Set the order of the attempt: While solving the mocks, try to set a particular pattern. First, try to solve the section that you find the easiest one and is your strongest area. This would help the person to get confidence. Try to solve the quantitative aptitude or reasoning section on the second or third number as they both are calculative and time-consuming. One can leave the paper unfinished as the last few minutes of the exam are always full of anxiety and panic. Always solve the English or general awareness section in the last as the questions in these sections take less time to solve as compared to the other two. 

Try to solve the mock tests in 50 min: As usually in the exam hall candidates tend to get less time than 60 minutes due to unwanted technical glitches. Practising the completion of tests within 50 minutes will help you prepare for unwanted interruptions. 

Analysing the result of the mock tests: This is as important as practising SSC CGL mocks as it will give you an idea of the improvements needed in the preparation. 

Art of skipping: This is the most common mistake made by candidates. One should not get stuck on a particular question. If you are not able to solve the question in 30 sec to 1 min, just skip it. Being stuck to the same question will not help you in any way. You can leave the other questions unattended. 

So, summing up the topic, aspirants should believe in themselves and work hard. Try to be consistent and stick to this SSC CGL Preparation Strategy!

Happy Preparation!

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  • SSC CGL preparation strategy is fundamental for candidates to clear the SSC CGL Examination. The SSC CGL exam takes place every year. In this article, we have explained the detailed SSC CGL preparation strategy for beginners for all the sections separately. This strategy will help you prepare more effectively.

  • General Awareness usually comprises three sub-sections mainly: General study, Static General Knowledge and Current affairs. To prepare general awareness for SSC CGL, students must go through previous years papers, attempt mock tests and revise regularly.

  • Regularly practising mocks helps the aspirants check their preparation and the improvements made in the weak areas. It also provides a clear idea about the competition and their position in the competition. Check out this article to know the SSC CGL 2022 Mock Test Strategy to score higher.

  • Follow the SSC CGL preparation tips given below to prepare for the SSC CGL tier 1 exam in three months

    • Go through the syllabus
    • Prioritise the topics to study as per their question weightage
    • Read newspaper regularly
    • Attempt previous years papers and mock tests
    • Revise regularly
  • There is no specific time that can be taken as an ideal time which is needed to crack the SSC CGL exam. It differs from person to person. If you are a beginner it takes 8 - 10 months and if you have already appeared for the SSC CGL exam earlier then it might be 6 months.

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