Miscellaneous for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Sachin Awasthi

Updated : Nov 20, 2020, 13:47

Miscellaneous questions from the quantitative aptitude section are one of the most important as it determines the candidate's accuracy of problem-solving in a given period. The SSC and other Railways jobs are something that a lot of students aspire for. In the exams for these jobs, there are Miscellaneous questions from different sections to test the aptitude, reasoning, and general knowledge of a candidate.

For getting into the public sector or government sector jobs, various exams are conducted every year such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, RRB and others. In this article, we will focus on the miscellaneous section that you can find in any of the exams.

Important Miscellaneous problem topics




It is the sum of items divided by the total number of items. Various types of aptitude problems may need implementation of average.

Profit and loss

In a business, it calculates the profit and loss incurred by the seller and buyer.

Simple and compound interest

When some amount is invested or borrowed from a bank, you get some interest or need to pay some on the base amount. SI and CI help in calculating this.

Partnership, Ratio and proportion

The division of money or any item between two or more parties is calculated using this.

Mixture and alligation

When two solutions or liquids are mixed in some ratio, this helps in determining the percentage of each in the mixture.

Time and work

When some people are involved in completing a task, you can know how many man-days are needed, using this. It helps to calculate all the parameters in the given problem.

Speed and distance

It helps in calculating the distance covered, and speed during a journey, along with the time needed for it.


It lets you calculate the dimensions and angles of various geometrical figures in 2D or 3 D.

Permutation and combination

The number of possible outcomes of some combination is calculated using this.


The chance of getting an outcome from among various possible outcomes is its probability.

Tips for dealing with Miscellaneous topics for SSC exams

Here are some easy tips that need to be followed while solving miscellaneous problems in SSC exams:

1. Exam syllabus:

The first thing that needs to be done is to get the miscellaneous syllabus for SSC exams or any other exam that you are going to appear in. Generally, the syllabus is similar, still, it is better to check so that you have clarity on what chapters need to be covered.

2. Pattern:

Check the previous year's question papers to get an idea of the latest pattern for the exam. You need to collect the miscellaneous practice test for SSC exam and solve the questions to know how efficient you are.

3. Prepare notes:

For all the subtopics prepare miscellaneous notes for SSC exams so that you can quickly brush through them before doing any miscellaneous practice set for SSC. You must have a strong knowledge of the basics and all the miscellaneous rules so that they can be quickly implemented whenever you come across any question related to the chapter.

4. Learn the tricks:

You can refer to various books and visit different educational websites to learn the miscellaneous tricks for SSC exams. This is very important for quickly solving the problems, as you need to strictly manage the time to make sure that maximum problems have been attempted.

5. Thorough practice:

This is the key to enhance your speed. Today, there are various sites where you can find miscellaneous online tests for SSC exams. Memorize and implement all the miscellaneous formula for SSC exams to quickly reach the accurate final solutions. Doing this consistently significantly enhances the confidence level of a student.

Importance of miscellaneous section in competitive SSC and Railway exams

  • Miscellaneous questions and answers in SSC exams or other government exams are quite important because a student can easily score well in this part as their difficulty level is less compared to other topics in quantitative aptitude.
  • Since 15-20 marks can be expected from the miscellaneous topics, students need to understand its importance and avoid skipping it.
  • No matter what exam it is, you will get questions from this section so better to be well prepared by practising different miscellaneous quizzes for SSC exams.

Most Recommended Books for Miscellaneous section

Book Name

Author/ Publisher

Magical Book on Quicker Maths

M Tyra

Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examination

RS Agarwal

Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

Arihant Publishers

Comprehensive Guide to IBPS-CWE Bank PO/MT Prelim + Main Exam

Disha Publishers

How is BYJU'S Exam Prep helpful in preparing for the Miscellaneous section?

BYJU'S Exam Prep is one of the most prominent platforms that is quite useful for candidates preparing for banking, SSC or other government exams. The site offers extensive coverage of a wide range of questions from the topic, by practising which your confidence boosts in the exam. You can find miscellaneous questions and answers pdf for SSC exams related to previous year exams, quizzes on a regular basis, various other study material for the exams along with scope for group discussion with other aspirants. It has mentors to guide the students in the path towards achieving excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- For SSC & Raiways exams, how many questions can be expected from the miscellaneous section?

About 10-15 questions can be expected from this section, though it may vary if some pattern is newly introduced.

2- Is it okay to start preparing the miscellaneous section a month before the exam?

No, because, even though this section is very easy, still practice is needed to quickly solve the problems and get accurate answers. Without practice, you will end up consuming a lot of time for simple questions too.

3- Can I just refer to different books for preparing for the miscellaneous section?

No, online resources are also important besides the books for knowing the latest examination pattern and practice mock tests.

4- What is the best way to solve maximum questions from the Miscellaneous section?

Try to solve the easier ones first to ensure a maximum number of attempts.

5- Do solving miscellaneous questions take time?

If you have practised well, and know how to apply the tricks, then these questions can be easily solved.

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