Ratio and Proportion for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Nov 6, 2020, 14:26

Ratio and proportion are one of the most important topics of Mathematics that aspirants of competitive exams need to prepare. Below, we provide students with essential knowledge of the SSC ratio and proportion questions asked in the examination over the years and covers the section of SSC Maths, ratio and proportion. Also, get information on questions of ratio and proportion for SSC CGL, ratio and proportion for SSC CHSL, and ratio and proportion for SSC MTS. We also aim to equip our readers with indispensable ratio and proportion tricks for SSC and ratio and proportion notes for the SSC exam, and ratio and proportion questions for SSC in Hindi.

Important Ratio and Proportion Topics




A ratio is a way of comparing two quantum measurements by employing division of the same.


A proportion is an equation applied to two ratios to determine whether or not they are equal.

Tips/Tricks to Solve Ratio and Proportion Questions

Many tricks and tips can be found in books and learned easily for ratio and proportion questions. These tricks and tips help students solve these questions, which form an integral part of competitive examinations like SSC, in a much more enhanced manner and achieve faster results.

  1. Many students get confused by seeing a ratio and proportion separated by fractions instead of colons. Fractions are used just like a colon to determine whether the ratios are equal or in proportion.
  2. Practice common mathematical tricks like visualisation and induction to grasp the basics of ratio and proportion more easily.
  3. For proportions with more than two ratio components, the denominator value is the same for individual quantities.

Importance of Ratio and Proportion in Quantitative Section of Competitive Banking & Government Exams

  • Competitive exams like SSC and all its other variants test applicants on quantitative aptitude since the demonstration of the same helps exam designers to understand the taker's suitability for the profile. This makes it important for students to be thoroughly prepared in topics like ratio and proportion.
  • Ratio and proportion, unitary method, fraction and percentage are concepts that form the basics of more complicated topics of commercial mathematics that are asked in the SSC exam.
  • Ratio and proportion as a topic is directly related to percentage, and therefore, being competent in solving its questions also helps aspirants with questions related to percentage. This works towards the advantage of students since the percentage is also an important topic that is asked in the quantitative section of the SSC exam.
  • Lastly, preparing for ratio and proportion also helps in the preparation of other competitive government exams since the topic is commonly asked in all of them.

Most Recommended Books for Ratio and Proportion

As mentioned in the above section, ratio and proportion form an important part of competitive exams’ syllabus. Therefore, it is essential to prepare well for the portion of the exam. Here are the most recommended books for ratio and proportion:



Ratio & Proportion, Partnership & Age I अनुपात और समानुपात, साझेदारी और आयु (Bilingual) Mothers Class Notes For SSC CGL up to Mains Level Paperback – 1 August 2019

Pawan Rao and Rajesh Mehra

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams

RS Aggarwal

Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

Rajesh Verma

Quantitative Aptitude for All Competitive Exams

Abhijit Guha

Objective Arithmetic (SSC and Railway Exam Special)

S. Chand Publishing

Why prepare for Ratio and Proportion from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

BYJU'S Exam Prep has the simplest, easiest to understand, and most effective tips and tricks for solving ratio and proportion questions and preparing for your SSC exam. Along with this, Graadeup also offers aspirants with a comprehensive course on Ratio and Proportion that includes online mock tests with sample and previous years questions. The course also provides quizzes that throw light on the different types of questions asked in SSC exams as well as the most reliable methods to solve every question on ratio and proportion in the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ratio and Proportion

  1. How do you solve proportions with ratios easily?

    There are many tips, tricks, and shortcuts available on BYJU'S Exam Prep to solve ratio and proportion questions.

  2. What is the proportion ratio?

    An equation that states two ratios are equal is the proportion ratio.
  3. How do you know if two ratios form a proportion?

    Cross multiply a fraction form and set them equal to each other to test if they are proportional.

  4. Is a proportion a percentage?

    A percentage is a ratio where numbers are compared to 100. Therefore, 5% is 5/100.

  5. Which pair of ratios can form a true proportion?

    A proportion where ratios are equal is known as the true proportion.