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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

UPPCS Prelims Study Plan 2022: The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission will be released a notification for UPPCS Exam soon. In this UPPCS Prelims hand-holding program, we provide all the candidates with a comprehensive and Complete 15-Week Study Plan for clearing UPPCS Prelims Exam 2022 in the first attempt along with Complete Study Material for UPPCS Prelims Exam both in English & Hindi.

15-Week UPPCS Prelims Study Plan 2022, In this article we are providing you a 15-week study plan which is divided among various topics of UP Specific, History, Indian Polity, Economy, Geography, General Science, General Hindi, Aptitude & Reasoning & Current Affairs for free, regular quizzes for practice will be scheduled as well. We will update the UPPCS Prelims study plan every week.

15-Week UPPCS Prelims Study Plan (Free) & Free Mock Test Series

Exam Pattern:

S No.


Time Duration

Number of Questions

Total Marks


General Studies

2 hrs





2 hrs



UPPCS Prelims Preparation Plan & Study Material


Study Material (Hindi & English)


Week 1

Ancient History of Uttar Pradesh: Click Here

Chronology of Indian History: Click Here

Indus Valley Civilization: Click Here

Early Vedic Period: Click Here

Later Vedic period: Click Here 

Buddhism & Jainism: Click Here

General Mental Ability


GS Quiz

General Mental Ability Quiz

Week 2

Medival History of Uttar Pradesh: Click Here

Mahajanapadas, Haryanka Dynasty, Shishunaga Dynasty, Nanda Dynasty: Click Here

Maurya Period: Click Here

Foreign Invasions in India: Click Here

Kushana Empire: Click Here

Gupta Period: Click Here

General Mental Ability


GS Quiz 

General Mental Ability Test


Week 3

Modern History of Uttar Pradesh: Click Here

Sangam Age: Click Here

Chalukya Dynasty and Pallava Dynasty: Click Here

Palas, Pratiharas and Rashtrakutas: Click Here

The Rajput States: Click Here

Vijaynagar and Bahmani Kingdoms: Click Here

Bhakti and Sufi Movement: Click Here

General Mental Ability


GS Quiz

General Mental Ability Test

Week 4

Geography of Uttar Pradesh: Click Here

Peasant Movements in India: Civil Uprising: Click Here

Tribal Revolts in India: Click Here

Revolt of 1857: Click Here 

Political & Socio-religious Organization Before INC: Click Here

General Mental Ability


GS Quiz

General Mental Ability Test


Week 5

Forest and Wildlife of Uttar Pradesh: Click Here

Governor-General and Viceroy of India: Click Here

Indian National Movement (1885-1905): Click Here

Indian National Movement (1905-1917): Click Here

Newspapers and Journals during British India: Click Here

Indian National Movement (1917-1947): Click Here

General Mental Ability


GS Quiz

General Mental Ability Test


Week 6

Soil, Rivers and Agriculture of UP: Click Here

Education during the British Period: Click Here

Revolutionary Movements During British Period: Click Here

Development of Press during the British Period: Click Here

Land Revenue System: Click Here

Chronology of Important Events in Indian History: Click Here

General Mental Ability:

GS Quiz   

Week 7

Important Parks, Museums and Places in UP: Click Here

Indian monuments and their builders: Click Here

Classical Dances, Folk Dances and Martial Arts: Click Here

Indian Paintings: Click Here

Famous Temples in India: Click Here

Indian schools of Ancient Indian Philosophy: Click Here

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Sites in India: Click Here

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Click Here

Puppetry, Theatre Forms, Musical Instrument: Click Here

General Mental Ability

GS Quiz 

Week 8

Art and Culture of Uttar Pradesh: Click Here

National Income: Click here

Various Price Indices in India: Click here

RBI and Monetary Policy: Click here

Different type of Unemployment: Click Here

Inflation (Types and Effects): Click here

History of Banking in India: Click Here

Banking System in India: Click here

Capital Market: Click here

Balance of Payment: Click here

Solar System: Click Here

General Mental Ability

GS Quiz  

Week 9

Mughal Architecture: Click Here

Architecture During Delhi Sultanate: Click Here 

Ancient Indian Architecture: Click Here 

Important Articles: Click Here

Historical Evolution of the Constitution: Click Here 

Making of Indian Constitution: Click Here 

Preamble, Union and Its Territory, Citizenship: Click Here 

Fundamental Rights & Fundamental Duties: Click Here 

Directive Principles & State Policies: Click Here

General Mental Ability

GS Quiz 

Week 10

Soils and Agriculture in India: Click Here

Important Lakes in India: Click Here

Natural Vegetation in India: Click Here

Important Dams in India: Click Here

Minerals in India: Click Here

World Geography: Part-1: Click Here

World Geography: Part-2: Click Here

World Geography: Part-3: Click Here

Interior Structure of the Earth: Click Here

Important Tribes of India: Click Here 

General Mental Ability


Week 11

President of India: Click Here

Vice President of India: Click Here

Indian Parliament: Click Here

Indian Judiciary: Click Here

Constitutional Bodies: Click Here

Non-Constitutional Bodies: Click Here

Governor, CM and CoMs: Click Here

Important Amendments: Click Here

The local Government system in India: Click Here

General Mental Ability


Week 12

Important facts: Part-1: Click Here

Important facts: Part-2: Click Here

Indian Cities Nicknames: Click Here

Important Indian Cities on River Banks: Click Here

Famous Sports Personalities in India: Click Here

International Organisations: Click Here

National Symbols of India: Click Here

General Mental Ability


Week 13

Minerals and Energy Resources: Click Here

Five Year Plans: Click Here

Census 2011: Click Here

Introduction of Union Budget: Click Here 

World Trade Organisation:  Click Here 

NITI Aayog: Click Here 

General Mental Ability 


Week 14

Physiography of India Part-1: Click Here 

Physiography of India Part-2: Click Here

Drainage System in India: Click Here

Environment & Ecology Part-1 : Click Here

Environment & Ecology Part-2: Click Here

Biodiversity Hotspots in India & World: Click Here 

General Mental Ability 


Week 15

Tiger Reserves in India

Biosphere Reserves in India

National Parks

Ramsar Wetlands

Environmental Conventions and Protocols

Environment Pollution: 


CSAT Study Material: English


Notes Link

Reading Comprehension

 Will be Updated Soon

Spotting Errors

 Will be Updated Soon

Sentence Improvement

 Will be Updated Soon


 Will be Updated Soon


 Will be Updated Soon

Idioms & Phrases

 Will be Updated Soon

Fill in the blanks

 Will be Updated Soon

Reported Speech

 Will be Updated Soon

Para jumbles

 Will be Updated Soon

One Word Substitution Series (A-Z)

Will be Updated Soon

General Rules for Direct/Indirect Speech

Will be Updated Soon

Basics of Adverb

Click Here

Basics of Conjunction

Click Here

Subject-Verb Agreement

Will be Updated Soon

General Hindi


Notes Link 

संधि पर स्टडी नोट्स

Click Here

अलंकार पर स्टडी नोट्स 

Click Here

समास पर स्टडी नोट्स

Click Here

छंद पर स्टडी नोट्स

Click Here

उपसर्ग एवं प्रत्यय पर स्टडी नोट्स

 Will be Updated Soon

रिक्त स्थान हल करने की युक्तियाँ एवं तरकीबें

Click Here

मुहावरे पर स्टडी नोट्स

Click Here

पर्यायवाची एवं विलोम शब्द पर स्टडी नोट्स

Click Here

वर्तनी की त्रुटि पर स्टडी नोट्स

Click Here

लोकोक्तियां पर स्टडी नोट्स

Click Here

अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द पर स्टडी नोट्स

Click Here

क्रमबद्धता की युक्तियाँ एवं तरकीबें

Click Here

गद्यांश पर हिंदी भाषा के स्टडी नोट्स

Click Here

Target UPPCS 2022: Revision through MCQs! UPPCS 2022 Prelims is going to be conducted soon. We have brought to all the students preparing for UPPCS 2022 Prelims a great opportunity. In the “Target UPPCS 2022” series, the complete syllabus of the UPPCS, 2022 Prelims exam will be covered through a series of daily uploaded Quizzes/Mock Tests to boost your preparation in both Hindi and English language for Free.  Attempting quizzes after studying a topic ensures better memory retention. These Quizzes will be free for all students. The direct links to the quizzes will be updated on this page daily.  

UPPCS Quiz 2022: Revision through MCQs

Topic Mock Test
Indus Valley Civilization Attempt Here
Vedic Age Attempt Here
Buddhism & Jainism Attempt Here
Delhi Sultanate Attempt Here
Vijayanagara Empire Attempt Here
The advent of European Companies Attempt Here
Governor-General/ Viceroy Attempt Here
Physical Division of India Attempt Here
Drainage System of India Attempt Here
The Constitutional Development of India Attempt Here
Fundamental Rights Attempt Here
Environment & Ecology Attempt Here
Green House Effect & Ozone Layer Attempt Here
Mauryan Empire Attempt Here
Post-Mauryan Empire Attempt Here
Bhakti & Sufi Movement, Sikh Sect Attempt Here
Mughal Empire: Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan Attempt Here
Revolt of 1857 Attempt Here
Socio-Religious Movement Attempt Here
Soils of India Attempt Here
Local Winds Attempt Here
Directive Principles of States Policy Attempt Here
Executives Attempt Here
Measuring Instruments Attempt Here
Light, Sound, Wave, Electric Current Attempt Here
National Income Attempt Here
Balance of Payment Attempt Here
Invention Attempt Here
Atomic Structure Attempt Here
Gupta & Post Gupta Period Attempt Here
South India Kingdom Attempt Here
Ancient Literature Attempt Here
Mughal Empire: Aurangzeb, Shah Jahan, Later Mughals Attempt Here
Mughal Architecture, Painting etc Attempt Here
Tribal Revolt Attempt Here
Indian National Congress Attempt Here
Freedom Struggle for Independence Attempt Here
Towns & Cities along the Bank of Rivers Attempt Here
Ocean Currents Attempt Here
Solar System Attempt Here
The Parliament Attempt Here
Constitutional Bodies Attempt Here
Judiciary Attempt Here
Emergency Provision Attempt Here
Panchayati Raj Attempt Here
Metal, Non-Metal & Alloy Attempt Here
Carbon and its various forms Attempt Here
Acid, Base & Salts Attempt Here
Cell Attempt Here
Vitamins Attempt Here
Diseases: Virus, Bacterial & Fungus Attempt Here
Union Budget Attempt Here
Monetary Policy Attempt Here
Fiscal Policy Attempt Here
WTO, World Bank & IMF Attempt Here
Mini Mock: Ancient History Attempt Here
Mini Mock: Medieval History Attempt Here
Mini Mock: Modern History Attempt Here
Mini Mock: Geography Attempt Here
Mini Mock: Indian Polity Attempt Here
Mini Mock: Environment & Ecology Attempt Here
Mini Mock: General Science Attempt Here
Mini Mock: Indian Economy Attempt Here

Attempt and tell us in the comments how much you scored in each mock.

Why a serious UPPCS 2022 Aspirant must attempt this quiz series?

  • The Quiz series will cover all the major aspects of the prelims syllabus of UPPCS 2022.
  • These Mock tests have been designed especially for UPPCS 2022, with questions from previous year papers and most expected questions for UPPCS 2022.
  • Solving the Mock test after you have studied a topic will not only boost your preparation but will also boost your confidence.
  • This Quiz series is FREE for all the UPPCS 2022 aspirants. 

So Do Not ignore these mock tests. Also, If there is any specific topic that you want a mock test on or if we have missed it in the above table, Do let us know in the comments.  

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