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Target UPPSC: Diseases: Virus, Bacterial & Fungus

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Question 1

Bacterial poultry diseases mainly include

Question 2

The bacterial diseases known in animals are

Question 3

Which of the following diseases is caused by a fungus?

Question 4

Bacterial diseases refer to a large variety of diseases caused by bacteria or bacterial components. Which the following are bacterial diseases?

1) Diphtheria

2) Malaria

3) Cholera

4) Typhoid

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

Question 5

The virus which infects bacterial cells is known as:

Question 6

Choose the bacterial diseases from the following one

Question 7

Which one of the following sets includes bacterial diseases?

Question 8

The main reason why antibiotics could not solve all the problems of bacterial diseases is

Question 9

Which of the following diseases is caused by a fungus called Tinea pedis?

Question 10

Select the pair that consistes of plant or animal bacterial diseases.
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