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Arithmetic Quiz

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Question 1

Shivangi sold an item for Rs. 8,160 and incurred a loss of 15%. At what price should she have sold the item to have gained a profit of 25%?

Question 2

A Shopkeeper bought an item at Rs. A and sold at Rs. B. He earns a profit of 20%. Had the value of A been 20% less and the value of B been Rs. 24 less, a profit of 20% would have been earned, Find the value of B.

Question 3

The cost of manufacturing an article is Rs 4200.The manufacturer sold it to the wholesaler at a profit of 20%, who sold it to the retailer at a profit of 15%, who sold the article to the customer at a loss of 10%. Find the selling price of retailer.

Question 4

The cost price of an article is Rs. 400 and it is sold at 15% loss. If the cost price is reduced by 20% and selling price remain unchanged then find the profit or loss percentage.

Question 5

After selling 20 pens, a Shopkeeper earn a profit equal to selling price of 6 books. While selling 20 books, a shopkeeper losses a selling price of 8 pens. The numerical value of the Profit and loss % is equal and the Cost price of pen is half the cost price of the book. Find the ratio of selling price of pen to book.
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