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Ancient History

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Question 1

Select the correct division of territory under Rashtrakutas:

1) Rashtras were divided into Vishayas

2) Vishayas were divided into Bhuktis.

3) Vishayas were divided into Rashtras

4) Rashtras were divided into Bhuktis.

5) Bhuktis were divided into Vishayas

6) Vishayas were divided into Rashtras.

Question 2

Which one of the following sites provides earliest evidence of rice cultivation in ancient India?

Question 3

Kamboja Mahajanapada of 6th century B.C was located in:

Question 4

Which of the following pairs of States and Rulers is NOT correctly matched?

Question 5

In ancient India, the term ‘Nishka’ was used for:

Question 6

Madurai-Kanchi, which describes the achievements of the Pandya rulers, is a creation of whom?

Question 7

Buddha was depicted on the coin of which of the following rulers?

Question 8

Which of the following Pallava rulers was a contemporary of Gupta Emperor Samudragupta?

Question 9

Who wrote the Prakrit Granth named 'Brihatkatha'?

Question 10

Maharishi Patanjali, who composed a grammar book called Mahabhashya, was the court poet of whom?
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