RRB Group D Salary 2022 after 7th Pay Commission: In-hand Salary, Increment and Job Profile for All Posts

RRB Group D Salary 2022 after 7th Pay Commission: In-hand Salary, Increment and Job Profile for All Posts

ByNeha Uppal  |  Updated on: Feb 23, 2022RRB Group D Salary 2022 information as per 7th pay commission. Get all the details about Railway Group D in-hand salary, grade pay, perks and allowances for all the posts here.
RRB Group D Salary 2022 information as per 7th pay commission. Get all the details about Railway Group D in-hand salary, grade pay, perks and allowances for all the posts here.
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RRB Group D Salary 2022 is prescribed as per 7th pay commission. Salary and job profile are important parts of any job and candidates must be aware of the perks before applying for RRB Group D 2022 exam. Alongside the Railway Grade D salary, you also get entitled to many perks, allowances and benefits such as Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Transport Allowance (TA), Allowance for Night Duty, etc.

Also, we have outlined the Group D posts in railways with job profiles to ensure candidates know what they are getting into. Below we have mentioned in brief all details about RRB Group D Salary 2022 like Railway Group D salary increment, salary slip, job posts and profiles.

RRB Level 1 Salary, Job Profile and Career Prospects

Railway Group D salary 2022 is in accordance with the RRB Group D Pay Scale is PB 1 (Pay Band 15600-60600) while the basic pay is ₹ 18,000 as per the 7th pay commission. Railway personnel ensure the maintenance and cleanliness of the railway’s assets. In the official RRB Group D notification, Railway Recruitment Board has mentioned various posts of Assistants in the Mechanical, Electrical, Medical, Signal & Communication, and Engineering departments. Further, the mechanical department is also divided into three categories i.e

  1. Assistant Workshop
  2. Assistant C&W
  3. Assistant Loco Shed(Diesel)

All the jobs under RRB group D are non-desk jobs.

RRB Group D Salary 2022 for All Posts

First of all, let’s be clear that all the above-mentioned 17 posts are entitled to the same RRB Group D salary as their basic pay is the same i.e Rs. 18,000 but only the track maintainer gets an extra income of Rs. 2700. Let’s have a look at the Indian Railway Group D salary (Level 1 of 7 CPC pay matrix) and Railway Group D Salary Scale below:

BASIC PAY:18,000

DA 12%: 2160

TPA: 1800


*X Class City:-4320

*Y Class City:- 2880

*Z Class City:- 1440


*X Class City:-22,320

*Y Class City:- 20,880

*Z Class City:- 19440

Net Salary of Track Maintainer

*X Class City: 25,020

*Y Class City: 23,580

*Z Class City: 22,140


Following are the RRB Group D allowances given to the employees as per the RRB Grade D salary structure:

  • Kilometre Allowance (KMA): Paid on the basis of kilometres they cover. The current rate is Rs 188.75 per 100 km.
  • Allowance In Lieu of Kilometre (ALK): Paid for being deployed in non-running duties. Currently paid at the rate of 160 km per day for outstation duties & 30% of basic pay for duties in headquarters. 
  • Accident Allowances
  • Officiating Allowances
  • Outstation (Detention) Allowances

RRB Group D Perks as per Group D salary are as follows:

*Allowance for night duties.

*Compensation for holidays.

*Fixed conveyance allowance.

*Medical Facilities

*Conveyance allowance for Medical treatment.

*Daily allowance along with mileage allowance for a local journey beyond 8 km.

*Special compensation (tribal/schedule areas) allowance.

*Special allowance to women with disabilities for child care and education.

*Female candidates are privileged in terms of posting. They get posted in city areas mostly.


*As these posts are non-desk jobs, being in the field and workshops all day long can be full of harassment.

*It doesn’t matter whether it is cool weather or smiling scorching sun, the job has to be done.

*Should always be on toes as track machine failures or signal breakdowns can occur anytime.

RRB Group D Posts and Job Profiles

Group D posts in Railways are the of the lower echelon. Group D employees are recruited for the maintenance & cleanliness of railway assets and tracks. It is their hard work and ceaseless efforts that make your train journey comfortable, safe, and scheduled. As stated above, we will be discussing the job profiles of various posts under Railway Group D. Following are the RRB Group D posts and their job profiles elaborated below:

  1. Assistant Workshop
  2. Assistant C&W
  3. Assistant Loco Shed(Diesel)
  4. Assistant Loco Shed(Electrical)
  5. Assistant Depots(Store)
  6. Assistant Operations(Electrical)
  7. Assistant Pointsman (Traffic)
  8. Assistant Signal & Telecom
  9. Assistant Track Machine
  10. Assistant Bridge
  11. Assistant TL&AC
  12. Assistant TL & AC (Train Lights and AC) workshop
  13. Assistant TRD(Electrical)
  14. Assistant Work Engineer
  15. Assistant Work(Workshop)
  16. Assistant
  17. Track maintainer.

Before going through these profiles, you must know the meaning of "Overhaul". Overhaul involves 

  1. partial or complete disassembly of the item
  2. inspection to detect damaged, defective, or worn parts
  3. repair or replacement of such parts, and
  4. reassembling, testing, and trial-run prior to returning the item to its full operating level.

RRB Assistant Workshop Job Profile

Railways Assistant (workshop) is posted in a carriage and wagon workshop. He/She has to ensure the security and maintenance of coaches. Preventive and breakdown maintenances of coaches and wagons take place in the workshop department. A section (eg: a Wheel shop, Bogie shop, Furnish shop, etc) is allotted to Assistant (workshop).

RRB Assistant C&W Job Profile

An Assistant in C&W has a primary task of -

  • Trip schedule Maintenance 
  • Addressing the issues of BPC (Brake Power Certificate)
  • Pit line Maintenance 
  • Intermediate Overhaul Maintenance 
  • ART (Accident Relief Train) Maintenance 

RRB Assistant Loco Shed (Diesel) Job Profile

ALS (Diesel) takes care of the overhauling of diesel locomotives. Section systems like Workshop also exist here.

RRB Assistant Loco Shed (Electrical) Job Profile

The electrical SSE in electrical is responsible for working on the TRS sheds engaged in overhauling and assembly level maintenance of 25KV AC electric Locos in electrical loco sheds.

RRB Assistant Depots(Stores) Job Profile

Procurement and supply of components to major mechanical, electrical, signal, and telecom workshops for maintenance of coaches, wagons. Assistant (Depot) also supplies spare parts to major diesel and electric locomotive sheds.

RRB Assistant Operations (Electrical) Job Profile

Ensures electrical supply and assists the operation manager. Under the supervision of a senior engineer, he does the maintenance of electrical appliances of the train and station. 

RRB Assistant pointsman (Traffic) Job Profile

The work of a pointsman is to handle railroad points or switches. Pointsman controls the lever and jerks the train into the required tracks or desirable direction. His work also includes disconnecting or connecting a particular coach from the train.

RRB Assistant Signal & Telecom Job Profile

The Assistant in the Signal and Telecom department works under the supervision of the senior officer. His duty is to provide signals to the trains as per the situations. He is also a part of the panel interlocking system. He also hands over the token to the driver after granting line clearance to enter the block section.

RRB Assistant Track Machine Job Profile

Assistant track machine operator repairs the machines under the supervision of seniors. He also ensures the availability of tools/gadgets required for the effective working of the track machine.

RRB Assistant Bridge Job Profile

To assist the seniors in the construction of new bridges under railway authority. Assistants ensure the availability of materials required in proper quantity and quality and act as a helping hand in designing the overall construction.

RRB Assistant TL & AC Job Profile

The main job is to look over the TL &AC (Train Lights and AC). They look over the proper functioning of train's electrical appliances and connections eg: proper functioning of signal LEDs, AC controllers, power Supplies, stabilization, etc.

RRB Assistant TL & AC Workshop Job Profile

  1. To ensure the availability of tools and gadgets required by assistant TL & AC Engineers.
  2. To look over the maintenance of lights, bulbs, fans, AC ducts, temperature control of ACs, stabilizations & all other electrical appliances.

RRB Assistant TRD (Electrical) Job Profile

The person working as an Assistant TRD is responsible for the maintenance of electrical assets like electrical locomotives, Electrical Multiple Units(EMUs), and Main Line Electrical Multiple Units (MEMUs).

RRB Assistant Work Engineer Job Profile

They are enrolled in the manufacturing department of all kinds of rail assets like manufacturing of coaches, every appliance of trains, platforms sheds, etc. They have to create new designs for the betterment of Indian Railways.

RRB Assistant Works (Workshop) Job Profile

  • To assist the seniors in manufacturing.
  • To ensure the availability of materials (tools and gadgets) required.
  • Handles all the fitting and welding work in manufacturing under the supervision of their seniors.

RRB Hospital Assistant Job Profile

This post is suitable for female candidates. It is an indoor job and work profile is related to medical facilities like

  • Providing proper care to the ailing passenger during treatment
  • Taking care of medical aids & their requirements in the stations
  • Cleaning Medical Equipments.

RRB Track Maintainer Job Profile

The post's name Track Maintainer itself expresses the job profile of this post. The only thing they have to do is to ensure the proper condition of tracks. Track Maintainers:

  • Keep an eye over the breakdown of tracks
  • Provides proper, safe, and smooth track to the trains
  • Look over every repair and maintenance of the track line.

RRB Group D Promotional Aspects and Career Growth

There are no hard and fast rules for RRB Group D promotion. It completely depends on seniority and vacancies in the upper echelons. However, after 3 years of service, RRB Group D personnel is eligible to appear for departmental exams. Without departmental exams, it may take quite a long time to get promoted.

After not being promoted for 10 years of service, the basic pay is increased with arrears up to the current date. Let us now look at the hierarchy of promotion:

  • *Technician S Grade 3
  • *Technician S Grade 2
  • *Technician S Grade 1
  • *Master Craftsman (with grade pay 4200)

Here we end up our article on Indian Railway Group D Salary, Railway Group D Salary Scale, Job Profile & Career Prospects. If you still have any queries buzzing in your mind, please feel free to write them in the comments section below.

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  • Most of the posts under RRB Group D posts enjoy a basic salary of Rs 18000. The Indian Railway Group D salary also includes various other components such as HRA, DA, and more 

  • There are several perks with RRB Group D salary such as 

    • Allowance for night duties.
    • Compensation of holidays.
    • Fixed conveyance allowance.
    • Medical Facilities
    • Conveyance allowance for Medical treatment.
    • Daily allowance along with mileage allowance for a local journey beyond 8 km.
    • Special compensation (tribal/schedule areas) allowance.
    • Special allowance to women with disabilities for child care and education.
    • Female candidates are privileged in terms of posting. They get posted in city areas mostly.
  • There are many RRB Group D job prospects experienced by employees like promotion after 3 years or increased salary in case of no promotion for 10 years.

  • There are many components in RRB Group D salary 2022 and the percentage of DA is 12% according to the 7th pay commission.

  • There are a total of 17 RRB Group D job profiles. We have mentioned all of them in the post above.

  • No, the RRB Group D jobs are not desk jobs and require a considerable amount of physical engagement.

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