RRB ALP Salary 2023: Per Month, In Hand Salary, Job Profile

RRB ALP Salary 2023: Per Month, In Hand Salary, Job Profile

BySachin Awasthi  |  Updated on: Jan 2, 2023
RRB ALP Salary 2023 is decided by the Board. Check out RRB ALP salary in ahdn along with salary structure, job profile, responsibilities & promotion. Also know RRB ALP salary per month here.

RRB ALP Salary has been revised after the 7th Pay Commission. It is one of the most talked about aspects of the job. The handsome salary and career growth make this a golden opportunity for aspirants seeking a job in the Indian Railways. Apart from job security, the Railway Recruitment Board also offers a good RRB ALP salary as well as many financial and non-financial benefits to its employees.

RRB ALP salary is considered well-paying. Selected candidates are entitled to the salary for RRB ALP which varies from Rs. 19,900 to Rs. 35,500. There are also various other perks and allowances associated with the job such as Dearness Allowance, Running allowance, transport allowance HRA, and more. Get all the information regarding the post-wise RRB ALP Salary 2023, job profile, career growth, and more on this page.

RRB ALP Salary 2023

RRB ALP salary is one of the major attractions for many aspirants. It is crucial that candidates know about the RRB ALP Salary and other aspects such as job profile and growth options before applying. This is because every year thousands of candidates sit for the exam and are recruited for the position of Assistant Loco Pilot and Technicians for the Indian Railways. Knowing the RRB ALP salary and job profile will help candidates get an idea about their life after selection.

Understanding the RRB ALP Salary structure is key for the aspirants planning on applying for the position. In this post, you can learn about the salary structure, including the per-month salary, gross salary, allowances, and perks offered by the Indian Railways along with the RRB ALP Salary.

RRB ALP Salary In Hand

RRB ALP salary in hand refers to the amount candidates receive after all the deductions and benefits. Knowing your exact compensation is important to plan various aspects of your life. The in hand salary of RRB ALP is in the range of Rs 25,000 and Rs 35,000. This amount will give candidates a good idea about the standard of living one can expect to experience after recruitment.

RRB ALP Salary Per Month

The per month or take-home RRB ALP Salary for the candidates recruited in the position of Assistant Loco Pilot is Rs 19,900. However, this is only the basic or in-hand salary without the allowances and additional perks. To understand the detailed RRB ALP Salary structure, read the sections below. We have elaborated on the different elements attached to the salary to provide a clear vision to the aspirants. Knowing the RRB ALP salary per month helps candidates budget their lifestyle accordingly.

RRB ALP Salary After Training

RRB ALP training period is 151 days during which selected candidates learn about their various job functions. RRB ALP salary after training is up to Rs. 35,000 per month. Candidates can earn less amount during their training time, however, after that, the salary improves significantly. Hence, candidates should consider both RRB ALP salaries before and after training when joining the job to have a clear picture.

RRB ALP Salary Structure

Before they apply for the position of RRB ALP and Technician, candidates must have a good understanding of the detailed RRB ALP Salary structure. As per the 7th Pay Commission, the pay scale of an Assistant Loco Pilot is Rs 19,900. The gross salary will be increased by adding job allowances. We have illustrated the grade pay and pay scale as well as the approximate RRB ALP Salary in the table below.

RRB ALP Salary Structure 



Grade Pay

Rs 1900/-

Pay Scale

Rs 19,900/-

RRB ALP Salary

Rs 35,000/- (Approx)

RRB ALP Salary After 5 Years

Candidates who are selected as RRB ALP get an initial salary of Rs. 19,000. However, the salary is generally increased significantly after 5 years of service. Considering promotions and the increase in DA which happens twice a year, candidates can expect an RRB ALP salary of up to Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 60,000. This amount can be different based on various factors and government regulations. However, RRB ALP salary after 5 years will certainly be improved.

RRB ALP Salary: Allowances

Along with the basic RRB ALP Salary, an Assistant Loco Pilot is also entitled to various allowances provided by the Ministry of Indian Railways. We have mentioned some of the allowances that constitute a major part of the RRB ALP Salary below.

  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • Running Allowance (Based on the km travelled)
  • Transport Allowance
  • New Pension Scheme (10% Deduction)

RRB ALP Job Profile

If you are applying or have applied for Assistant Loco Pilot job profile, you must know the work & responsibilities of this post. You have to perform the following duties if you get selected as RRB ALP.

  • Help the Loco Driver in tuning the Locomotive. 
  • Maintaining the productivity of the Locomotive by increasing sectional average speed, punctuality, safety & security.
  • Keeping an eye on the signal & indicate it further.
  • Repairing the Locomotive (if required).
  • Noticing track defect through jerk or lurch.
  • Performing extraordinary work in case of serious unusual with trains.
  • Assistant Loco Pilot has to follow all lawful orders of a Loco Pilot.

Note: A locomotive is a powered railway vehicle used for pulling trains.

RRB ALP Career Growth

After serving for a while, RRB ALP promotions and growth are given in the careers of selected candidates. Candidates should know about RRB ALP career growth to map out their life in a way that helps them derive maximum benefit from their job. Similarly, for an Assistant Loco Pilot, the next level of posts available in their career are:

  • Senior Assistant Loco Pilot
  • Loco Pilot

After becoming a Loco Pilot, you will be having the option to choose among the following:

  • Power Controller
  • Crew Controller
  • Loco Foreman (Loco Supervisor)

We hope you were able to gain useful insights into RRB ALP Salary and Job Profile through this article. Any changes in the same will be updated here. So, stay tuned!


  • Candidates must have an understanding of the RRB ALP Salary before applying for the exam. The salary of an Assistant Loco Pilot consists of multiple elements such as the pay scale, grade pay, and monthly allowances. Hence, the RRB ALP Salary lies between the range of Rs 19,900 to Rs 35,500.

  • The initial RRB ALP Salary per month is Rs.19,900. This is as per the 7th Pay Commission and does not include the various financial benefits like the different allowances that an officer is entitled to. As per the 7th pay matrix, the grade pay for the position of RRB ALP is Rs 1900.

  • There are various allowances and perks that are added to the RRB ALP Salary such as the House Rent Allowance (HRA), Dearness Allowance (DA), Running Allowance (Based on the km traveled), Transport Allowance, and more. These allowances make a huge difference and make the RRB ALP Salary even more attractive for the candidates.

  • As per the second level of the 7th Pay Commission, the RRB ALP Salary has a pay scale of Rs 19,900. The pay scale of most government positions were increased after the application of the 7th Pay matrix. Due to this, the grade pay for the RRB ALP Salary is Rs 1900 and various perks are added to the monthly salary.

  • The in hand or per month RRB ALP Salary is approximately Rs 35,000. This includes the added perks and various allowances that an Assistant Loco Pilot is entitled to under the Railway Recruitment Board. Furthermore, the salary can increase after certain promotions in the career of the RRB ALP.

  • The RRB ALP job profile consists of various responsibilities that include the following:

    • Fine-tuning the locomotive
    • Doing minor repairs to the locomotive
    • Regularly checking the locomotive efficiency
  • The starting salary of RRB ALP is in the range of Rs. 19,000 to Rs. 35,000. Candidates can expect a decent salary at the beginning of their careers as Assistant Loco Pilot.

  • Yes, RRB ALP is considered a good job. It is a reputed post within the Indian Railways, which is the largest employer in the nation. It pays well and also offers various opportunities for promotion and career growth. These aspects make RRB ALP a good job.

  • RRB ALP salary after training is up to Rs. 35,000 per month. After selection candidates need to go through a training period of 151 days during which they learn about the various nuisances of their work.

  • RRB salary after 10 years will be exponentially more than the starting salary of Rs. 19,000. Candidates after 10 years of service can expect promotions as well as increased allowances, making this job very well-paying.

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