Best Engineering Mathematics Books For GATE Exam

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Engineering Mathematics for GATE exam is important since its weightage has been consistent throughout time compared to other subjects. The weightage of Engineering Mathematics is fixed at 13%. Candidates must practise problems from each topic of the best Engineering Mathematics books for GATE exam by remembering their formulas and definitions. These Engineering Mathematics books will help candidates practice all sorts of problems and give a proper understanding of concepts to solve these problems.

Engineering Mathematics subject can help candidates get a good score as well as it helps to clear the GATE cutoff easily. Based on popularity and standard, a list of important and best Engineering Mathematics books for GATE is provided, which are easy to understand and cover all required topics for the GATE 2023 exam. A candidate targeting good marks requires some of the best Engineering Mathematics books for GATE to acquire top rank in the exam.

Best Engineering Mathematics Books For GATE

Engineering Mathematics books must be used by a candidate hoping to achieve a high score in the GATE exam. Therefore, choosing the best Engineering Mathematics books for the GATE exam will help you score satisfactorily and boost your confidence on the examination day.

When we check the GATE Engineering Mathematics syllabus, it appears enormous and conformable to take a long time to complete. However, if a candidate prepares it properly from the best Engineering Mathematics books for GATE exam, they can achieve a good score. Engineering Mathematics has the same 13 per cent weightage in every specialization, regardless of whether the candidate graduated in any of the following branches.

List of Best Engineering Mathematics Books For GATE Exam

Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S. Grewal, Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig, and Advanced Engineering Mathematics by H K Dass are some of the best books from which direct questions have been asked in previous GATE exams. In addition, BYJU’S Exam Prep has shared the list of best Engineering Mathematics books for GATE exam, which will be helpful for the upcoming exam.

Higher Engineering Mathematics by B. S. Grewal

  • It’s a good book for undergraduate math and GATE preparation.
  • It covers all the concepts necessary for GATE and other tests.
  • In addition, each chapter includes theories, examples, and problems.


Essential Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig

  • Every chapter includes easy-to-understand theory explanations and numerous step-by-step solved problems and examples.
  • The questions were hand-picked from previous years’ question papers and are appropriate for the current question pattern.


Advanced Engineering Mathematics by H K Dass

  • Every aspect of the subject has been thoroughly covered.
  • To better understand and familiarise myself with the norm and trend of questions set in examinations, about 1300 solved examples (including previous year questions from several universities) on various themes have been added.
  • Over 2600 in-text exercise problems and book-end solved question papers provide ample opportunity to practice all the ideas covered.


List of Important Topics From Best Engineering Mathematics Books

Except for a few topics like transform theory in Electrical and Electronics and discrete mathematics in Computer Science Engineering, the Engineering mathematics syllabus is nearly identical for each specialization. Each chapter with the desired specialization has been described, along with a summary of the relevant topics for the GATE exam.

Name of Chapter Topics in Engineering Mathematics Books For GATE
Linear Algebra

Eigenvalues and Vectors

Rank and Determinant of Matrices

Systems of Linear Equations


Maxima and Minima in single variable calculus

Vector calculus

Gradient, Divergence, and Curls

Vector Integral Theorems


Differential Equations

First-order equations

Bernoulli’s Equation, Euler’s Differential Equation

Probability and Statistics

Bayes’ Theorem, Random Variables like Poisson’s Distribution

Statistics, mean, median, mode

Coefficient of correlation

Complex Analysis

Cauchy-Riemann Equations

Residue Method of Integration and the Taylor series

Numerical Methods

Trapezoidal Rule and Simpson’s Rule

Newton-Raphson and Bisection method

Numerical integration techniques

Transform Theory

Laplace and inverse Laplace transforms

Discrete Mathematics

Graph connectivity and colouring

Mathematical Logic, Relations, and Functions

Finding tautology, satisfiability, and equivalences of given propositional statements

Finding the number of edges, vertices, or components graph

Checking isomorphism

Euler circuit, Hamiltonian cycle

Complete graph, bipartite graph, regular graph, cycle graph, and line graph

Important Formulas From Best Engineering Mathematics Books For GATE

BYJUS Exam Prep has shared all the Important Formulas for the GATE exam. We have prepared all important formulae from the best books for Engineering Mathematics for the GATE Exam. These PDFs will help candidates to learn formulae in a very fast way.

Download Important Formulas of Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2023


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