GATE Mathematics Books 2023: List of Best GATE Books For Mathematics

By Aina Parasher|Updated : October 28th, 2022

GATE Mathematics books are the most crucial and vital aspect of exam preparation. To perform well on the exam, candidates must choose the GATE Mathematics books. Aspirants cannot take the chance of beginning their preparation with non-exam-oriented literature due to the increased competition and complexity of the GATE Mathematics examination.

For the GATE Mathematics 2023 exam, we have created a list of all necessary and exam-oriented best books that will aid candidates in understanding the fundamentals and performing well on the test. All of the important GATE Mathematics books 2023 should be downloaded or purchased for candidates to use as the foundation of their exam preparation.

GATE Mathematics Books 2023

The GATE Mathematics books are essential for the candidates to easily pass the cut-off marks required to qualify for the exam. One of the requirements for anyone hoping to pass the exam is having the best GATE books for Mathematics, the best study materials, and the best resources.

As you are aware, the GATE Mathematics Syllabus 2023 contains a wide range of challenging topics, making it challenging to achieve exam success. Therefore, aspirants should have a solid study strategy and know the finest GATE books for Mathematics exam preparation. In the sections below, you can learn about the most recommended GATE Mathematics books for exam preparation.

Best GATE Mathematics Books For General Aptitude

The General Aptitude section is an essential part of the GATE Mathematics (MA) syllabus. Candidates must prepare for the Aptitude section to score well in the upcoming exam. The GATE Mathematics books for General Aptitude are given below.

Name of Books


Reasoning and Aptitude

Nem Singh

High School English Grammar

Wren and Martin

GATE General Aptitude & Engineering Mathematics


How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude

Arun Sharma

List of Best GATE Mathematics Books 2023

GATE Mathematics books blend computational science, applied engineering, and mathematical theory. It is a creative and interesting discipline for the upcoming GATE exam. Let us check some recommended GATE Mathematics books 2023 listed in the table below.

Name of Books


Linear Algebra

Seymour Lipschutz, Marc Lipson

Linear Algebra and its applications

Gilbert Strang

Complex Analysis


Complex analysis for mathematics and engineering

J. H. Mathews

Foundations of complex analysis

S. Ponnusamy

Elements of Real Analysis

Shanti Narayan

Topics in Algebra

I. N. Herstein

Functional Analysis


Numerical Analysis

Francis Scheid


James R. Munkres

Probability and Statistics

John J. Schiller

Linear Programming

G. Hadley, J.G Chakraborty & P. R. Ghosh

Calculus of Variations

Gelfand, I. M. Gelfand, Wendy Ed. Silverman

Benefits of GATE Mathematics Books 

Aspirants can organise their GATE Mathematics exam preparation based on the syllabus. To start studying for the computer science exam, they might consult the GATE books for Mathematics 2023. The following are some advantages of GATE Mathematics books 2023:

  • The topics covered in the GATE Mathematics books are completely and simply explained.
  • Answering the questions from the GATE Mathematics books will give you practice.
  • The GATE Mathematics books' subjects are the foundation for the exam questions.
  • It is possible to prepare for exams more effectively by selecting the best GATE books for Mathematics.
  • GATE Mathematics books are useful for thorough revision.
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FAQs on GATE Mathematics Books 2023

  • The recommended GATE Mathematics books are given below.

    • An Introduction to the Calculus of Variations- Pars
    • Engineering Mechanics- S S Bhavikatti
    • Elements of Real Analysis- Shanti Narayan, M D Raisinghania
  • The GATE Mathematics exam is classified into two categories General Aptitude and Main Subject. General aptitude is worth 15 marks, while the main subject is worth 85 marks.

  • The best GATE Mathematics books for Linear Programming section are as follows.

    • Linear Programming- G. Hadley, J.G Chakraborty & P. R. Ghosh
    • Linear Programming And Network Flows- Mokhtar S. Bazaraa John J. Jarvis Hanif D. Sherali
  • The best GATE Mathematics books for Topology section are as follows.

    • Topology- James R. Munkres
    • Introduction to Topology and Modern Analysis- S S Bhavikatti
  • Yes. Depending on the total scores for those questions, marks will be subtracted for each incorrect response. The marks will be deducted as follows.

    • For NAT questions: There will be no marks lost for answering incorrectly.  
    • For MCQs: 1/3 for 1 mark questions and 2/3 for 2 mark questions.



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