Free Scholar Study Plan and Material for B.Ed Entrance Exam 2020

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

B.Ed Study Plan 2020: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is a graduate-level degree that allows a candidate to become a trained graduate teacher (TGT) or a postgraduate teacher (PGT) in schools nationwide. A lot of states are conducting the entrance exams for admission in B.Ed colleges for the session 2020-2022.

We have analysed that almost 6 weeks of time is left before the candidates sit in the B.Ed entrance exams 2020. Candidates applying for the B. Ed entrance examination require authentic study material for the preparation and more than that they require a foolproof study plan so that all the topics of different subjects in time.

We are sharing the free Scholar study plan for B.Ed exams so that you can easily get all the B.Ed study material aligned in a way that you get the maximum outcome.

The study plan is divided into a six-week plan and we will be delivering 2 quizzes and 2 study notes every day so that we are able to cover the maximum number of topics. We would suggest all the candidates who are preparing for B.Ed Entrance Exam 2020 to bookmark this article. We will be updating the study plan on a daily basis.

Let’s have a look at the exam pattern of different B.Ed exams:

Bihar B.Ed. CET 2020 Exam Pattern

Sr. No. Subjects No.of Questions Marks Time
1 General English Comprehension 15 15 120 Minute
2 General Hindi 15 15
3 Logical & Analytical Reasoning 25 25
4 General Awareness 40 40
5 Teaching-Learning Environment in Schools 25 25
Total 120 120 2 Hours

UP B.Ed. JEE 2020 Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern of Paper-I

Part Subject Number of Question Marks Total Time
A General Knowledge 50 100 3 Hours
B Hindi or English 50 100

Note: In the 1st paper, Part A is compulsory for all students but in Part B, students can choose one subjects from Hindi or English.

Exam Pattern of Paper-II

Part Subject Number of Question Marks Total Time
A General Aptitude Test 50 100 3 Hours
B Subject Ability (Art, Science, Commerce, Agriculture) 50 100

Now here is the study plan for B.Ed exams 2020. Book mark this article and prepare along with it to score good marks in the upcoming B.Ed exams.

Free Scholar Study Plan & Material B.Ed Exam (Daily Updated)

Week Date Study Material
Quiz Study Notes
Week-1 24/02/2020 GK Quiz List of Important National and International Days & Dates
Hindi Quiz संधि
25/02/2020 Reasoning Quiz Tricks to Solve Analogy
Science Quiz Important Metals & Their Uses
26/02/2020 English Quiz Reading Comprehension
GK Quiz Interesting Facts About India
27/02/2020 History Quiz Important Events in Indian History
Reasoning Quiz Tricks to solve Syllogism Questions
28/02/2020 Polity Quiz Constitution of India
Hindi Quiz समास
29/02/2020 Geography Quiz Earth
Science Quiz Chemical Compounds- Its Uses & Formula
01/03/2020 Current Affairs Quiz 65th Filmfare Awards 2020 Complete List of Winners
Hindi Quiz उपसर्ग एवं प्रत्यय
Week-2 02/03/2020 GK Quiz Firsts in India
History Quiz Buddhism and Jainism
03/03/2020 English Quiz Important One-word Substitution
Reasoning Quiz Basic Concepts of Logical Arrangement of Words
04/03/2020 Hindi Quiz छंद
Science Quiz Important Scientific Laws and Theories
05/03/2020 Current Affairs Quiz Complete List of Nobel Prize Winners 2019
Polity Quiz Democracy
06/03/2020 GK Quiz Interesting Facts about India part-2
English Quiz Synonyms and Antonyms
07/03/2020 History Quiz Harappan Civilization
Geography Quiz Globe
08/03/2020 Polity Quiz The Parliament of India
Hindi Quiz अलंकार
Week-3 09/03/2020 Reasoning Quiz Statement and conclusion
Current Affairs Quiz Classical Dances, Folk Dances and Martial Arts in India
10/03/2020 Science Quiz Human respiratory system
G K Quiz First female personality in India
11/03/2020 Geography Quiz Air and atmosphere
Hindi Quiz मुहावरें और लोकोक्तियाँ भाग-1
12/03/2020 History Quiz Revolt of 1857: First War of Independence
English Quiz Important One-word Substitution
13/03/2020 Reasoning Quiz Coding-decoding
Polity Quiz All about fundamental rights and duties
14/03/2020 Science Quiz Plant tissue and hormones
Current Affairs Quiz Nobel Prize Winners 2019
15/03/2020 Hindi Quiz गद्यांश
GK Quiz Important dams in India
Week-4 16/03/2020 Geography Quiz Earth
English Quiz Rules of Active & Passive Voice
17/03/2020 History Quiz India after Independence
Reasoning Quiz How to solve Statement & Conclusion Questions?
18/03/2020 Polity Quiz  The local Government system in India
Hindi Quiz वर्तनी की त्रुटि
19/03/2020 Current Affairs & GK Quiz Important International Boundary Lines
Geography Quiz Agriculture
20/03/2020 English Quiz Important One-word Substitution (E)
Science Quiz Forces and Laws of Motion
21/03/2020 History Quiz Science and Culture
Reasoning Quiz Reasoning Special Tricks to solve Syllogism Questions
22/03/2020 Polity Quiz State Government
Hindi Quiz संधि
Week-5 23/03/2020 Current Affairs and GK Quiz Coronavirus: Facts & Fakes
English Quiz Rules for Converting Direct Speech to Indirect Speech
24/03/2020 Geography Quiz Water
Science Quiz Human Digestive System
25/03/2020 History Quiz Bahmani and Vijayanagara Kingdoms
Hindi Quiz पर्यायवाची और विलोम शब्द
26/03/2020 Polity Quiz Indian Judiciary
Reasoning Quiz Tricks to solve questions of Series
27/03/2020 Geography Quiz Study Notes on the Resources and their types
Current Affairs and GK Quiz List of Some Important Awards and their Fields
28/03/2020 Hindi Quiz रस पर स्टडी नोट्स
Science Quiz Magnet and Magnetism
29/03/2020 English Quiz Tips on Usage of Correct Articles in English Grammar
History Quiz Women, caste system and Social Reformers
Week-6 30/03/2020  Polity Quiz Study Notes on the Constitution of India
Geography Quiz Landforms Created by Wind and Water action
31/03/2020  Reasoning Quiz Questions of Coding-Decoding in Reasoning Section
Current Affairs and GK Quiz  Government Schemes in India
01/04/2020  Hindi Quiz संधि पर हिंदी भाषा का महत्वपूर्ण स्टडी नोट्स
History Quiz Chalukya Dynasty and Pallava Dynasty
02/04/2020  Science Quiz Various Diseases and Associated Parts of Human Body
English Quiz Synonyms and Antonyms
03/04/2020  Geography Quiz Transportation in India: Road Transport
Polity Quiz State Government
04/04/2020  Reasoning Quiz Tricks to Solve Ranking questions
Hindi Quiz क्रमबद्धता की युक्तियाँ एवं तरकीबें
05/04/2020  Science Quiz Important facts about DNA, RNA, Virus, and Bacteria
History Quiz Important Events in Indian History

We hope that you follow the study material and this plan helps you with your preparations for B.Ed entrance exam preparation.


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