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GK and Current Affairs Quiz: 30.03.2020

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Question 1

The Mughal Sarai Railway Station has been renamed after

Question 2

Who is the present chairman of SBI Bank?

Question 3

Recently which program was launched by Atal Innovation Mission?

Question 4

Who won a silver medal in the World Para-Athletics Championships 2019?

Question 5

The 40th UNESCO General Conference was held in_______.

Question 6

Which Ashram was formed by Gandhiji in Africa?

Question 7

Who started the Ghadar Movement in 1913?

Question 8

Which of the following one founded the State of Hyderabad?

Question 9

Judicial matters at the district level of a State are dealt with by the_______.

Question 10

Which Part of Constitution deals with Fundamental Duties?
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