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Geography Quiz: 21.01.2020

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Question 1

Recently, which super cyclone has been developed in Arabian Sea?

Question 2

Sirsa Branch of Western Yamuna Canal mender through which of the following district?

Question 3

Which forests are also known by name equatorial rainforests?

Question 4

Kutch Peninsula plateau is situated in which Indian state ?

Question 5

Near coastal areas, the temperature on land in day time gets reduced due to _____.

Question 6

Suddenfall in the barometric reading is an indication of _________.

Question 7

Along which of the following national highways is The Sambhar Salt Lake located?

Question 8

What is the percentage coverage of Tropical Forest on earth’s landmass?

Question 9

The earth is ____ tilted on its axis.

Question 10

How much portion of earth’s surface is covered by water?
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