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Polity and Social Quiz: 26.03.2020

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Question 1

What is the minimum age for Contesting in Panchayat Election?

Question 2

The Indian Constitution declares India as all of the following, except __________ .

Question 3

The Members of the Constituent Assembly which enacted the Constitution of India were:

Question 4

Which of the following is not the function of district level panchayats?

Question 5

Who administers the oath of office to the sarpanch of gram panchayat?

Question 6

Rajya Sabha member has tenure of ______ years.

Question 7

India became the sovereign country in which year?

Question 8

Which among the following is the aim of socialism?

Question 9

Who administers the oath to the President of India?

Question 10

What is the minimum age for becoming a Governor of state in India?
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