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History Quiz: 21.03.2020

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Question 1

Which Sikh Guru codify the composition of the Gurus into an authorized version i.e. Adi Granth?

Question 2

Which ruler annexed the Sri Lanka and adopted the title of Gangaikonda?

Question 3

Prince Khurram grew up to be known as ______.

Question 4

Who is regarded as the founder and first Sultan of the Khilji dynasty?

Question 5

Who started the Asiatic Society of Bengal in 1784?

Question 6

Who headed Quit India Movement in Satara?

Question 7

The Red Fort and the Jama Masjid in Delhi stand out as towering achievements of architecture during the reign of ______.

Question 8

At which place in Bihar the session of Indian National Congress of 1922 held?

Question 9

Which among the following freedom fighter is related to ‘Kakori Train Robbery’?

Question 10

Who among the following did not attend the First Round Table Conference?
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