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Social Study Pedagogy Quiz : 26.02.2020

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Question 1

Ramesh, a student of class VII has performed extraordinarily well in his exams. Which grade should be assigned to him?

Question 2

Teacher ‘B’ is currently teaching a lesson on history of a region. What do you think ‘B’ should do?

Question 3

In order to enhance the self-esteem of students, they should be allowed to

Question 4

While illustrating the formation of a coalition government, a teacher asks her students about their options had they been sharing power with their friends and their partners threatening to withdraw support if their demands are not met. The teacher is encouraging students to use which of the following skills defined in the Bloom's taxonomy?

Question 5

The following are the principles of curriculum construction except

Question 6

Directions: Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option.
A statement “generally boys are poor in Social science” that is__

Question 7

While teaching an issue sensitive to a particular community, but described in the textbook,

Question 8

The main objective of social studies teaching is to develop the following spirit in the students

Question 9

Which one is an example of ‘field trip’?

Question 10

Identify the correct approach for development of knowledge in students ?
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