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History Quiz : 25.01.2020

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Question 1

Mahatma Gandhi made a call to Do or Die during which of the following movements?

Question 2

The Victoria Memorial, conceived by Lord Curzon, represents the architectural climax of ________ city.

Question 3

Who presided over the second session of the Indian National Congress?

Question 4

On the bank of which river, Mahavira got enlightenment?

Question 5

IAC initially approached which of the following personality to be the figurehead for this campaign?

Question 6

Which one of the following was NOT a condition laid down in the Gandhi-Irwin Pact?

Question 7

Which Sikh Guru terminated the succession of Gurus?

Question 8

Under which system of assessment, the Britishers collected revenue directly from the farmers?

Question 9

Which among the following was constructed by Shah Jahan?

Question 10

The name of the periodical published by Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa was____
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