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Polity and Social Quiz: 19.03.2020

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Question 1

What are the maximum number of seats fixed for Lok Sabha in india?

Question 2

Vice-President of India is also ex-officio chairman of _____.

Question 3

For how much time the Presidents Rule can be extended in India with the approval of Parliament in every six months?

Question 4

Which of the following does not come under Fundamental Duty?

Question 5

Which type of democracy do we follow in India?

Question 6

What is the time period of the Budget Session in the Indian Parliament?

Question 7

The impeachment of the President can be initiated in

Question 8

For which one of the following commissions, there is no provision in the Indian Constitution ?

Question 9

What should be the minimum age for appointment as Vice President of India?

Question 10

Where was the first Lok Adalat held in India ?
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