KVS LDC Exam Analysis: Check Complete Paper Review for KVS LDC exam

KVS LDC Exam Analysis: Check Complete Paper Review for KVS LDC exam

ByPuneet Bansal  |  Updated on: Nov 21, 2020
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KVS LDC Exam Analysis 2018: 19th February

There were a total of 100 questions asked from English, Hindi, Reasoning, Maths, Computer & General Knowledge section. There was no negative marking for any wrong answer marked. Coming back to the core, the overall level of KVS LDC exam was Easy to Moderate. We will start with some of the questions asked in today's exam and then shift our focus to the topic-wise difficulty level of the exam. Let us begin:

Questions asked in 19th February KVS LDC Exam (We will be regularly updating these questions)

  1. What is the full form of PETA? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  2. Who is the author of the book " India's struggle for Independence"? Bipin Chandra
  3. National River of India? Ganga
  4. Question on Delhi Sultanate.
  5. Capital of Assam: Dispur
  6. Full Form of ICAN
  7. Runner-up of Ranji Trophy 2017? Delhi
  8. With which country, India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project? Japan
  9. Jasvir Singh is related to? Kabaddi
  10. Who was the 13th President of India? Mr. Pranav Mukherjee
  11. Who won Pali Umrigar award 2017? Virat Kohli
  12. Lakshwadeep island is in which direction to Maldives Island?
  13. Full form of NPOF? National Project on Organic Farming
  14. One question related to Lok Sabha
  15. PETA 2017 Person of the Year Award? Anushka Sharma
  16. First Universal Museum of Arab? The Louvre Abu Dhabi
  17. One question related to Udrata in Gujrat
  18. Young Scientist Award Winner of the Earth, Oceanographic & Environmental Sciences Category: Dr Vinayak Sharma
  19. One question on Nobel Prize
  20. One question from Preamble of Constitution
  21. A and B together can do a work in 15 days and their efficiencies are 3:5, in how many days, A alone can do the work?
  22. A:B and B:C given, A:B:C find?
  23. One question related to interset. In 4 years, a sum increases to 7/5. Find the rate of interest?
  24. One question was related to fractions. Students had to find the smallest fractions from the given options.
  25. Cost Price of 12 things and Selling Price of 10 things are same, Find the Profit %?
  26. Two trains running in the same direction, parallel. Speed and Length of the trains were given and students had to find the time when they crossed each other.
  27.  Questions related to BODMAS & Simplification.
  28. Find the rate of compound interest where in 2 years the principal of 8000 Rs changes to 9233.20?
  29. A^3-B^3 related question. Simple formula needed to answer the question.
  30. Simple average question: Related to Average of 25 articles
  31. If speed is 15 kmph. How much distance should it travel in 7 minutes?
  32. Some people play cricket, Some play Hockey. Some do not play anything. Find the people who ply both cricket & Hockey: Venn diagram related.
  33. अलंकार के प्रकार की परिभाषा?
  34. सेनापति में कौनसा सामास है?
  35. संधि पर प्रशन.
  36. एक तत्सम और एक तद्भव पर प्रशन.
  37. शत्रु का विलोम शब्द?

Important Topics asked from each Section

English Section

  • Passage
  • Spotting the errors
  • Proposition
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Fill in the Blanks

Hindi Section

  • सामास
  • संधि
  • तत्सम
  • तद्भव
  • विलोम
  • पर्यायवाची
  • अलंकार
  • मुहावरे
  • अपठित गद्यांश
  • शुद्ध-अशुद्ध
  • सर्वनाम


  • Series
  • Blood Relation
  • Analogy
  • Coding Decoding etc


  • CRAM
  • DRAM
  • Cache Memory
  • Shortcut keys
  • MS office
  • MS Excel
  • Powerpoint etc

General Knowledge

  • Current Affairs
  • Static Knowledge
  • Sports
  • Awards
  • Nobel Prize
  • Books
  • Constitution
  • President
  • Person & Places in News


  • SI & CI
  • Speed, Distance & Time
  • Average
  • Profit & Loss
  • Age
  • Simplification
  • Fraction
  • Time & Work etc

Here, we end our article on KVS LDC Exam Analysis & Paper Review: 19th February 2018. We will be regularly updating this article & add more questions. Students who are yet to appear for the exam are requested to prepare in accordance with the above given review. Don't worry, the exam will be easy & also there is not any negative marking. All the Best for your upcoming exam. 

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