Topic-wise Important Formulas for GETCO JE Electrical Exam 2021-22

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

Important Formulas for GETCO JE Electrical Exam: The GETCO JE exam will be held from 4th January to 7th January 2022. The last few days hold a great deal of importance to your preparation for the exam. To help you excel in the GETOC JE 2021-22 exam, we have provided you with a list of important formulas for Electrical Engineering. The given list of formulas will come in handy to get hold of the concepts that are needed for the exam. 

In this article, we have provided topic wise complete and minified important formula notes of GETCO JE electrical exam that are at par with the syllabus.

GETCO i.e. Gujarat Electricity Transmission Corporation Limited has released the GETCO JE admit card for the exam that is scheduled from 4th Jan 2022 to 7th Jan 2022. The important formulas for the GETCO JE Electrical exam are given below. Check the topic wise formulas below for the GETCO JE exam. 


GETCO JE Electrical Formulas: Topic-wise Formulas

Given below is a list of important formulas for the GETCO JE exam 2021-22 for the electrical engineering exam. 

Subject Topic Download Link
Digital Electronics
Number System Click Here
Logic Gates Click Here
Minimization of Boolean Expression Click Here
Combinational Logic Circuits Click Here
Sequential Logic Circuits Click Here
Logic Family Click Here
Data Converters Click Here
Circuit Theory
Basics of Circuit Theory Click Here
Kirchhoff’s Laws Click Here
Network Theorems Click Here
Transient Analysis Click Here
Steady State Analysis Click Here
AC Circuit Analysis Click Here
Two Port Networks Click Here
Electrical & Electronic
Measurement of Voltage & Current Click Here
Measurement of Power & Energy Click Here
AC & DC Bridges Click Here
Cathode Ray Tube & Oscilloscope Click Here
Digital Voltmeters Click Here
Control Systems
Basics of Control Systems Click Here
Transfer Function Click Here
Time Domain Analysis Click Here
Frequency Domain Analysis Click Here
Various Plots Click Here
Controllers & Compensators Click Here
State Space Analysis Click Here
Electrical Machines
Transformers Click Here
DC Machines Click Here
Single & Three Phase Induction Motors Click Here
Synchronous Machines Click Here
Special Machines Click Here
Power Electronics
& Drives
Power Semiconductor Devices Click Here
AC to DC Converters Click Here
DC to DC Converters Click Here
DC to AC Converters Click Here
Electric Drives Click Here
Signals & Systems
Basics of Signals & Systems Click Here
L.T.I. Systems Click Here
Laplace Transform Click Here
Fourier Series & Fourier Transform Click Here
Z Transform & Sampling Theorem Click Here
Electromagnetic Fields
Basics of Field Theory Click Here
Electrostatics Click Here
Magnetostatics Click Here
Maxwell’s, Poisson’s & Laplace equations Click Here
EDC & Analog Electronics
Diode Types & its Applications Click Here
Diode Rectifiers Click Here
BJT & FET : Biasing & Operation Click Here
Operational Amplifiers Click Here
Timers & Oscillators Click Here

From the above table, candidates can cover the complete GETCO JE electrical engineering syllabus. Apart from the engineering-specific syllabus candidates needs to have a solid GETCO JE Exam preparation strategy in order to crack the exam on the first attempt.

Important Preparation Tips for GETCO Junior Engineer Exam

To crack the GETCO JE Exam the first step is the correct approach and strategy. Here are some of the following GETCO JE Exam preparation tips mentioned to ace the exam.

Practice GETCO JE Previous Year Papers

  • Solving GETCO JE exam previous year papers provide an insight about the type of questions, difficulty level, proportion of various subjects and their respective topics etc.
  • It is recommended to practice previous year papers of at least 10 years as much as you can and special attention should be given to recent ones because these are based on recent trends related to change in difficulty level and type of questions.

Take Regular Mock Tests

  • Mock tests play a vital role in the preparation strategy as it gives candidates a real environment similar to the actual exam. The mock tests are prepared by experts after rigorous analysis and research of the given exam.
  • These mock tests are helpful in time management and give aspirants a clear idea regarding topics or questions to be prioritized and teach how to manage exam stress and stay calm during the exam.

Proper Revision

  • Always take revision seriously and prepare a revision plan of the topic that is already studied. It will keep all topics fresh in your mind. Follow it regularly.
  • Revise your topics, create a strict schedule for Revision and follow it rigorously.
  • During the revision tries to make small and short tips and trick to remember formulas and concepts.

Apart from that, you should keep your mind calm and body healthy.

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