Trick to Remember Major Sea Ports Along with their Location

By Ashwini Shivhare|Updated : April 26th, 2023

India has a coastline crossing 7516.6 kilometres, forming perhaps the greatest landmass on the planet. India has 13 significant ports and 187 minor and intermediate ports. Ports play an indispensable part in the economic development of the state and country.

Port Blair, which was designated as a significant port in 2010, was recently demoted. The Indian government intends to improve these ports and associated infrastructure through the Sagarmala project and the National Maritime Development Programme, both of which were launched in 2015.

Classification of Ports

The Indian government is federal in nature, and maritime transit is to be managed by both the Central and State governments, according to the country's constitution. While the central government's shipping ministry manages the major ports, the nine coastal states of Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal manage the minor and intermediate ports. Several of these 187 minor and intermediate ports have been identified by their respective governments for phased development, with a significant share incorporating public-private partnerships.

In 2007, major ports handled more than 74% of all freight traffic. Except for Kamarajar Port Limited, all are managed by the government however, private sector participation in ports has expanded. There are additionally 7 shipyards managed by the Indian government's central government, 2 shipyards controlled by state governments, and 19 privately held shipyards. 

As of 2000, India had 102 shipping firms, five of which were privately owned and based in India, and one of which was held by the Shipping Corporation of India. There were 639 ships owned by the government, including 91 oil tankers, 79 dry cargo bulk carriers, and 10 cellular container vessels. For the fiscal year 2003, Indian-flagged vessels carried around 15% of all overseas cargo at Indian ports.

A total 200 major and non-major ports are present in the following States:

  1. Maharashtra -53
  2. Gujarat -40
  3. Kerala- 20
  4. Tamil Nadu – 15
  5. Karnataka – 10
  6. Others- 63

Below is the list of the Major ports in India List and tricks to remember major ports in India along the Western and Eastern Coast of India.

Major Ports in India List

The major ports in India list is provided below in the tabulated form: 

S.No.Port NameStateMajor Export
1Kochi PortKerala Tea, Coffee, Spices, etc
2Ennore PortTamil NaduIron ore, petroleum, coal, and chemicals
3Haldia PortWest BengalJute, steel, iron ore, etc
4Kolkata PortWest BengalIron ore, tea, coal, steel, etc
5Kandla PortGujaratTextile, manganese, machinery, leather, chemical products, etc
6Mangalore PortKarnatakaIron ore
7MarmagoaGoaIron ore
8Mumbai PortMaharashtraTextile, manganese, machinery, leather, chemical products, etc
9Jawaharlal Nehru port MaharashtraTextiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, carpets, etc
10Paradip PortOdishaIron ore, iron, and aluminium
11Tuticorin PortTamil NaduSalt, fertilizer, petroleum, coal, etc
12Vishakhapatnam Port Andhra PradeshCoal, alumina, oil, and coal
13Chennai portTamil NaduRice, textile, leather, goods, etc

Major Ports in India Map


(Source: Maps of India)

Major Sea Ports of Eastern Coast of India

Eastern Coast

Sea Port


Trick to Remember

Krishnapatnam Port

Andhra Pradesh

Krishna and Vishakha went to Andhra Pradesh to see Kuchipudi dance

Vishakhapatnam Port

Paradip Port


Pradeep (Paradip) speaks Odia (Local Language of Odisha) fluently

Tuticorin Port

Tamil Nadu

Korean’s (Corin-en) Made a special rice cooker for Tamil people

Chennai Port formerly Madras Port

Ennore Port officially renamed as Kamarjar Port

Kolkata Port

West Bengal

Diya (Dia) likes Bengali food available in Kolkata

Haldia Port

Another Important Port along the Eastern Cost is Port Blair - Andaman & Nicobar Island (The port is connected to the mainland of India through ship and flight. This port is situated in between two international shipping lines namely Saudi Arabia & US Singapore.)

Major Sea Ports of Western Coast of India

Western Coast

Sea Port


Trick to Remember

Cochin Port


Indian footballers are given Coaching in Kerala

Kandla Port


Mundra bought a special scented candle (Kandla) from Gujarat

Mundra Port


NhavaSheva Port


Ram Shevak's sister got married in Maharashtra

Mumbai Port


Jawahar Lal Nehru met Mahatma Gandhi in Mumbai port


Jawahar Lal Nehru Port Trust

Marmugao Port


Marmuga is going to Goa for holidays

New Mangalore Port


Karna loves Mango


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