Success Story of SSC CGL 2018 Naresh Rawal, All India Rank 203 (ASO in CSS)

By Ashwini Shivhare|Updated : January 16th, 2022

SSC CGL 2018 Success Story| Naresh Rawal: This is a world of high competition where getting the desired job is quite tough and getting the desired post... even tougher! In order to inspire our readers to give them insights into the strategies of successful candidates, here is an inspirational story of one of our Gradians who made his dream come true by bagging his desired post besides clearing the CGL EXAM 2018 with flying colors!

Success Story of Naresh Rawal, All India Rank 203 (ASO in CSS) (BYJU'S Exam Prep Mentor)

In a short discussion with Naresh Rawal, the BYJU'S Exam Prep Mentor who cleared SSC CGL 2018 exam. BYJU'S Exam Prep and prepares Course content and test series for SSC and Railway Exams.

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Let us take a closer view of his approach towards the preparation that can be helpful for any aspirant regardless of the fields. Here is what he had to say:

General Discussion

Q. What inspired you to prepare for SSC CGL?
Ans: In my family, everyone is having a government job. So, I too wanted to work in the government department.

Q. Tell us about your background in studies?
B. Tech, 2015 pass out. I had also worked in TCS company after college for 1 year. I had Hindi medium till 10th class and then English Medium 

Q. Was it your first attempt? Have you appeared for any other government competitive exam before this SSC CGL 2018 attempt?
Ans: I had also prepared for USPC CSE for 1-2 years and also applied for SSC CGL 2017. I had appeared for SSC CGL 2017. I had reached till Document Verification Process. I had missed the final selection by just 1.25 marks. I had scored 523 marks and the list closed at 524.25.

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Preparation Strategy and other Related Discussion

Q. What were your learnings from previous attempts and how did you improve in this attempt?


  • In 2017, I had cleared all the stages and reached till Document Verification Stage. I could not get through. 
  • By the time, the result of 2017 was out I had already taken SSC CGL 2018 Tier-2. 
  • I realized I had scored average marks in Maths Tier-2 Exams which can be improved. 
  • The main drawback I realized is that I had taken Maths for granted which was the reason for less marks. 
  • To improve marks, I had learned to practice tricks on important sub-topics
  • I had practiced quizzes and mock tests to improve my speed.

Q. Please share your scores of SSC CGL 2018.


SSC CGL 2018 Scores

Tier 1: 185.97295

Tier 2 :

Quant- 174.36669

English- 202.71047

Tier 3 : 60

Total Score: 623.05

SSC CGL 2017 Scores

Tier 2:

Maths: 124

English: 174 

Q. What were your preparation strategies?

Weak areas:

  • Improve the speed in Maths

Strong areas:

  • English
  • Maths
  • General Awareness

Overall Strategy

  • I adopted an Integrated strategy and relied on self-study.
  • I had prepared for both Tier-1 and Tier-2 collectively.
  • As I had prepared for UPSC CSE, my basics of General Awareness were already strong.

Tier-wise Preparation Strategies

Tier 1

  • Score as many marks as I can in three sections: Maths, Reasoning, and English. 
  • For general awareness, I had relied mainly on current affairs, quizzes, mock tests, and previous years' papers. 
  • I had set a target of getting 20 - 25 marks in general awareness. I was very clear that 20-25 marks could be easily scored but for getting 30 - 35 marks you have to devote more time. I decided to let go of these 10-15 marks and utilize time in maths and English which could be helpful in Tier-2 as well

Tier 2

  • English was my strong area as I had scored 175 in Tier-2 of SSC CGL 2017
  • In maths, I had practiced tricks to save time and attempt as many questions as I can
  • I had worked improving calculation speed
  • As I had identified the drawback of SSC CGL 2017 Attempt: "Not to take Maths subject for granted" - This helped a lot. As in SSC CGL 2017 Advanced maths section was difficult but in the 2018 paper, maths questions were easy but the arithmetic section was asked more. So, this time, I was already prepared for any change. 

Q. Which books were referred by you for SSC CGL preparation?

Ans: Honestly speaking, I didn't refer to many books

  • General Awareness: PYSP, Current Affairs compilation, Test series, Quizzes
  • English: Kiran's book
  • Maths: practiced from GRA book (for advanced section)

Q. Tips for aspirants appearing for SSC CGL 2020 and SSC CGL 2021?



  • Sometimes aspirants give so much importance to general studies that they tend to forget that their main focus should be Eglish and Quant which hold utmost weightage. In order to get high scores in General awareness in Tier-2, they lose more marks in Tier-2 due to lack of preparation. If you can score 30-35 marks in General Awareness that's more than enough.
  • Access yourself and give sufficient time for understanding the basics of Quant and English especially. Make a proper balance between the time allotted for practice and learning basics because both are important. You cannot keep on repeating the process of clearing basics again and again. Make sure once you are done with learning the concept, you just need to revise and practice
  • Current Affairs of the last 1 year must be revised especially awards and honors, important appointments, international organizations, etc. Current affairs till 10 - 15 days prior to the exam should be covered. 
    • For Eg: Now that Covid vaccination is going on make sure that you learn the information about the types of vaccines, their names, and their uses
  • Last but not the least, have patience and keep preparing. Be positive

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Role of BYJU'S Exam Prep in Preparation

Q. According to you, how important is the regular practice through mock tests/quizzes/previous years' papers to help in qualifying for the exam?
Ans: I strongly believe that Practice is a must in SSC CGL. We must practice a lot for improving our weak areas

Q. How did BYJU'S Exam Prep’s Faculty Help you?
Ans: Faculties were good but I mostly rely on BYJU'S Exam Prep's quizzes and mocks for practice. The quizzes and mocks were in accordance with the SSC CGL exam pattern which helped me to a great extent

Q. How beneficial was the study material of BYJU'S Exam Prep?
Ans: BYJU'S Exam Prep was very beneficial in SSC CGL preparation especially the daily quizzes and sectional quizzes

Q. What success mantra would you like to share with all SSC CGL aspirants?
Ans: I have learned two things in my preparation journey which eventually turned out to be my success mantra

  • Never take your strong area for granted. Regularly practice to improve to get better results
  • Practice, Practice, and Practice
  • Regularly introspect your preparation and make changes accordingly 

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