Questions Asked in SSC CGL Exam: 7th June Shift (I + II + III)

By Rahul Chadha|Updated : June 7th, 2019

Questions Asked in SSC CGL Exam: 7th June Shift (I + II + III). As promised, we are going to provide you with all the actual questions which were asked in today's SSC CGL Exam 2018-19. We have also shared the solutions to the below-given questions.

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These questions are crucial for the students who have their SSC CGL exam on 10th-13th June. As already informed, please note SSC is repeating questions/ topics. For ex: Majuli Island, CM of Goa, Banihal Pass, divisibility rule of 88,99, CI questions, etc.

Questions asked in SSC CGL 7 June 2019 (Shift I+II+III)

  • What is the capital of Canada Ottawa

  • Qutub Minar is made in the memory of whom? Qutubuddin Kaki

  • Who made the Golden temple? Guru Arjan Dev

  • Who is the fifth guru in Sikh religion? Guru Arjan

  • How many members are nominated in Lok Sabha? Two

  • First female fighter pilot of India? Avani Chaturvedi

  • Antonym/Synonym = Lethal, Dense, Stale

  • One word = a bunch of flowers (wreath)

  • Idiom/phrase = in the pink, lock stock and barrel

  • Para jumble = based on ABCD pattern (moderate)

  • Cloze test = 5 questions based on vocabulary and grammar

  • Incorrect spelling = definite

  • Active/passive = you are requested to the assignment.

  • In a triangle ABC, external angles B, and C are extended to meet at a point P. If angle BAC = 92 degrees, then what is the value of angle BPC?

  • There is a quadrilateral ABCD. Inside it, a circle is formed touching AB.BC,CD,AD at P,Q,R and S respectively. If PB = a; QC = b, DR=c and AS=d. Find the perimeter of ABCD.

  • From a circle of diameter 42 units, a sector of angle 150 degrees is made. What is the area of the sector?

  • Present ages of A and B are in the ratio 8:15. 8 years before their ages were in ratio 6:13. What will be the ratio of their ages 8 years from now?

  • If x = 2-p; find the value of x^3 + 6xp + p^3.

  • A man purchases an article at a price that is 20% less than its marked price. If he increases the MP by 25% and further gives a discount of 20%, what will be his profit(in percentage)?

  • If cot A = 71/2 , then what is the value of (cosec2A - sec2A)/(cosec2A + sec2A) ?

  • If x4 - 6x2 -1 = 0; the find the value of x6 -5x2 + 5/x2  - 1/x6 + 5 ?

  • Counting of Triangles: byjusexamprep
  • Second Law of Thermodynamics is given by? Rudolf Clausius

  • Who can punish the member of Loksabha in House? Speaker of Loksabha

  • Who won 2018 World Wrestling Championships in 65 kg category? Bajarang Punia

  • Which pass connects Kashmir to Leh? Zoji La

  • Which  Traveller visited India during Harshavardhana's rule? Hiuen Tsang

  • A person spends 75% of his total income. If the income increases by 20% & savings decrease by 1%. Find the change (in %) in Expenditure?
  • Who is the CEO of the World Bank? Kristalina Georgieva

  • Who made Red Fort in Delhi? Shah Jahan

  • Who was ruler after Humayun? Akbar

  • Which is the longest river in Asia? Yangtze

  • Who discovered X Rays? Roentgen

  • Who was the Prime Minister of India during 1975-79? Indira Gandhi

  • Who discovered radioactivity? Henri Becquerel

  • Which is the longest river in India? Ganga

  • One question related to Doha boxing championship

  • Who won a silver medal in Finland boxing championship? Shiva Thapa, Govind Sahani, Mohammed Hussamuddin, Dinesh Dagar

  • Who made Taj Mahal? Shah Jahan

  • Which river crosses the maximum number of countries around the world? Nile

  • Who won a noble prize in 1901? Wilhelm Röntgen

  • Who won a noble prize in 1903? Marie Curie, Henri Becquerel

  • Who won a noble prize in 1906? J. J. Thomson

  • Louis Pasteur related question.

  • In which amendment, the right to education was added? Eighty-sixth Amendment

  • Who discovered neutron? James Chadwick
  • On which day,  Bihar Diwas celebrated? 22 March

  • A is 20% less efficient than B. C is 20% more efficient than D. D is 20% less efficient than A. Which of the following relations are true? C=0.72 B
  • Gandak river is known by what name in Nepal? Narayani

  • The total number of students in class A & B is 120. Class A has 4 students more than Class B. In a test, the average marks of the total students are 72. The average marks of Class B are 20% more than the average marks of Class A. Find the average marks of Class A?
  • byjusexamprep
  • President submits his resignation to ____? Vice president

  • Area of Triangle A = Area of Triangle B. The sides of triangle A are 50 cm, 60 cm & 70 cm. Find the side of Triangle B if it is an equilateral triangle?
  • Who will act as president in the absence of the president and vice president? Chief justice of India

  • Metal oxides are ___ in nature. Basic

  • Chemical name of vitamin D? Calciferol

  • Who won the PETA prize 2018? Sonam Kapoor

  • Who was first Mughal king? Babur

  • Grief : Consolation :: ? Options Planet: Revolution, Happiness: Excitement, Fire: Extinguisher Ans.  Fire: Extinguisher

  • (8,30,7) Ans: 8+7=15*2= 30

  • (6,28,8) Ans. Square of 8 - Square of 6 = 28

  • Arrange the following in a logical sequence: Interview, Confirmation, Job, Probation, Promotion

  • Venn Diagram: Crocodile, Reptiles, Aquatic Animals

  • Find the odd one out: Hide, Mask, Crowd

  • BROTHER: ORBSREH (Pattern Followed)

  • 3,10,24,52,? Ans. 108

  • Logical Venn Diagram: Literate, Teacher, Professor

  • The ratio of Present ages of two men is 4:7. After 5 years their age difference will be 12. Find the sum of the present ages of both. Ans. 44
  • One question related to Vijaylakshmi Pandit in UNO. She was elected as the first female president of the United Nations General Assembly.

  • What is the use of Xylem in plants? Water Transport

  • Where was Global business summit 2019 organized? Delhi

  • When is Utkal Diwas celebrated? 1 April (Also called Odisha Day)

  • Arrange the following in a logical sequence - Doctor, Admit, recovery, home, sickness, hospital, medical store.

  • Venn diagram - Villagers, poor people, Males

  • Synonym/Antonym = Reticent, transient

  • One word substitution = to renounce or relinquish a throne

  • Incorrectly spelling = Permanent, attendance, reticent
  • Find the Odd word - Indonesia, Ireland, Afganistan, Nepal

  • 4, 7, 11, 18, ? Ans 29

  • byjusexamprep
  • Find the wrong option: Tamilnadu - South, Punjab - North, Assam - North East, Kerela - North West Ans --- D (Kerala is situated in the south)
  • Which is the highest populated district? Thane district of Maharashtra

  • Which is the highest populated state? Uttar Pradesh

  • Two trains A & B travel a distance of 96Km. The speed of train B is 16 Km/hr lesser than A. Also, A Takes 1 hour less than B. Find the speed of A?

  • Principal= 6400, Rate of interest= 8%, Find C.I for 5/4 year.

  • The base of the Isoceles triangle is 10cm with altitude 12cm. Find the length common side.

  • In Triangle ABC, Angle ABC = 65, Angle ACB= 35, given that AC is an angle bisector and AD is perpendicular on BC. Find Angle DAC

  • India’s GDP growth predicted by ADB for the year 2019-20 is ___.   7.2%  

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