Questions asked in SSC CGL Exam held on 4th June - Shift (I + II + III)

By Rahul Chadha|Updated : June 4th, 2019

Questions asked in SSC CGL Exam. The Staff Selection Commission has kick-started the SSC CGL recruitment process by conducting the Day-1 Exam today. The exam was conducted in 3 shifts i.e Shift I (10-11 AM), Shift II (1-2 PM), and Shift III (4-5 PM). Students who appeared for the exam described the overall level of difficulty to be in the Moderate-Difficult range.

To help you know the level of the questions asked, we are providing you with the actual questions which were asked in all the shifts held today. We have also uploaded the solutions to all the questions. Let us initiate:

Questions asked in SSC CGL Exam held on 4th June (Shifts I+II+III)

  • Rajatarangini is written by whom? Kalhana
  • Vikramshila university was established by? Dharmapala
  • Who got the Carnot award 2018? Piyush Goyal
  • What was the time period of the Delhi Sultanate rule? (1206-1526)
  • Who won Ranji trophy 2018-19? Vidharbha
  • Which articles describe center-state relations? 245 to 255 in Part XI
  • Which of the following hormones is responsible for milk secretion in females? Oxytocin Hormone
  • Kunwar Singh belongs to which state? Bihar (Jagdishpur, Ara)
  • Actor Rajbabbar belongs to which party? Indian National Congress
  • Highest protein content- Soybean
  • One question related to Fatima Biwi- First woman judge of India
  • Mihir Bhoj belonged to which dynasty? Gujjar Pratihara
  • What is the new name of the capital of Kazakhstan? Noor-Sultan
  • Question-related to a communicable disease? Measles
  • Right to property was removed by which amendment? 44th amendment
  • Baglihar dam is located on which river? Chenab river
  • Who was first Mahaveer Chakra Winner? Brigadier Rajendra Singh
  • Soldier of the body is another name for which cells? WBC
  • Where is Nanda Devi peak situated? Uttrakhand
  • Who won the 2019 Pro Volleyball League? Chennai Spartans
  • Who became Goa chief minister after the demise of Manohar Parikar? Pramod Sawant
  • Who was the First women Director general of Puducherry? Sundari Nanda
  • Who is the Founder of Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg
  • Somnath Temple was attacked by? Mahmud Ghazni
  • JJ Thomson discovered - Electron
  • Name of India-Indonesia Army Exercise? Samundra Shakti, 33 exercise
  • Which game is introduced in the 2022 Olympics? Bobsleigh event
  • Name the Largest river island? Majuli
  • Name the dance form which is performed by Buddhist to get rid of evil spirits? Cham Dance
  • Thoda Dance is related to which state? Himachal Pradesh
  • Who was the founder of Indian associations? 1876 Anand Mohan Bose and Surendra Nath Banerjee
  • Which area was ruled by Wadiyar dynasty? Mysore Karnataka state
  • Bhima river is the tributary of which river? Krishna river
  • Who was the winner of Finland boxing championship? Kavinder Singh Bisht, Muhamad Hisamudin
  • Who was the winner of Battle 1526? Babur
  • Bodh tree was cut by- Shashank
  • Among which of following is a metalloid? Germanium, Boron, Silicon, Arsenic, Antimony,  Bismuth
  • Name of the World largest country – Russia
  • Current President of South Africa? Cyril Ramaphosa
  • Catenation is observed in which of the following atoms? Carbon atoms
  • Who is the Chairman of Railway Board? Vinod Kumar Yadav
  • Name the judge against whom the removal proceedings were initiated in independent India? Veeraswami Ramaswami
  • First GST country- FRANCE
  • Malimath Committee deals with? Criminal Justice System
  • Badamphar Iron Mines are located in? Orrisa
  • Dry Ice is also known as? Solid Carbon dioxide
  • Foundation year of TISCO - 25 August 1907
  • The currency of Bolivia? Bolivian Boliviano
  • Who was the founder of Chaulakya Dynasty? Pulakeshin I
  • Who was the first women prime minister of the world? Srimau Bhandar Naike
  • Which of the following acid tastes sweet? Alanine
  • Which gland controls other endocrine hormones? Pituitary Gland
  • Who is the first woman president of SAARC? Fatima Diyanah Saed
  • Which of the following is aldehyde? Propanal
  • When was Tiger Project launched in India? 1973
  • Who is the current Chief Minister of Assam? Sarbanand Sonowal
  • Special Olympics 2019 were conducted by? Abu Dhabi
  • Which instrument is used in the dance form of Sikkim? Damphoo(Tamang Selo dance), Chyap-brungs (Limboo dance)
  • Residuary powers were taken from which country? Canada
  • Who won the Ranji trophy 2017? Vidharbha
  • Buckminster Fullerene is an allotrope of? Carbon
  • ARPANET is related to - Networking
  • Which of the following kingdom did not have a monarchy system?- Vajji
  • Chandragupta 1 got which city in dowry? Patliputra
  • Number of Mahajanpada during Buddha period? 16
  • ABC is a triangle, Incircle of triangle touches AB at P, BC at Q and AC at R. If AP, BQ, CR are x,y,z, then find the perimeter?
  • A shop keeper sells a 100 copies for 25% discount and 50 copies for 10% discount. Find an overall discount of 150 copies.
  • If the area of the triangle is 15 cm and inradius is 3 cm. Find the perimeter of the triangle.
  • Sec X – tan X = p. Find Cosec X
  • A number 17x020y is divisible by 88. Find the value of 5x + 4y.
  • If √3cos A + sin A = 1, then find A.
  • If a sum is invested for 2 years at the rate of 12 percent per annum compounded per 8 months, find the interest.
  • In which article, Uniform Civil code is mentioned? 44
  • Which institution was given Maharatna status in 2013? Bhel and GAIL
  • Which mountain pass is used by pilgrims to visit Kailash Man Sarovar via Uttarakhand- Lipulekh
  • Cloze Test was based on Environment
  • Malaysia:Ringgit::Bangladesh: Taka
  • Filler Pattern: abcddabcddabcdd
  • Flower=14, Garnish=16, Backstreet-?
  • Venn Diagram,: Literate, Graduate, Hard Working
  • Antonym of Expand
  • Idiom: To play ducks and drakes
  • Two similar triangles ABC and PQR have areas 100 cm2 and 49 cm2. If AB = 5 cm, then find the length of side PQ?
  • Work Efficiency of A, B & C is in the ratio of 4:5:3. They work for 25 days. I how many days will A & C do 35% of the work Marked Price of a good= Rs. 315, Selling Price  = 288 with 4% loss. What is the Cost Price?
  • Antonym of Scare
  • Synonym of Anger
  • Find the area of a rectangular tank 10m × 8m ×6m in which a circular hole is cut with the radius of 1m at the top .
  • Two circle of radius 8 cm and 12 cm cut each other at P and Q. If PQ = 12 cm, then find the distance between 2 centers.
  • One who bunks school, college - Truant
  • 10 years ago father was the time of his son. 10 years from now his age will be 9 times his son. Find the sum of their present ages.
  • cos2A = 3(cot2A – cos2A). Then find 2sec2A – sin2A
  • One word substitution: To spend lavishly
  • L × b × h = (10 × 8 × 6) m3. Find the required sheet to build this rectangular tank in which one side is open with radius 1 cm.
  • Idiom: ‘At draggers dawn’
  • The total surface of a hemisphere is 41.58 cm^2, then find the curved surface area?
  • If Sin α = (1+p^2)/(1-p^2). Cosα =?
  • 2,5,11,43,27 ?
  • The income of a person is 20% more than his expenses. If his income is increased by 60% and expenses increased by 20%. Find the % change in saving.
  • Synonym of Coerce, Squander, Arbitrator, Chronic, Exorbitant
  • Incorrect spelling: Competition
  • 4:32 :: 6:108
  • Efficiency of A : B : C = 4 : 3 : 2. All together takes 25 days to complete the work then find in how many days 35% work will be completed by A and C together.
  • 29:13::37: 21
  • Arrange in a meaningful order: Patient, Illness, Doctor, Prescription, Healthy, Medicine
  • Counting no. of Triangles: 18
  • Action: Reaction:: Stimulus: Response
  • Sun: Heat :: Fruit: Vitamin
  • Analogy- LUCK: L2U1C3K1: XEROX:?
  • Which of the following given Venn Diagrams can be represented by – Relatives, Uncle, Rich
  • Number series- 1, 3, 7, 15, ?, 63, ?
  • Counting of Squares
  • G, I, F, H, ?
  • If  x^4 + x^(-4) = 194, then find the value of (x-2)^2 =?

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