What is the level of IG in FET?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Choose the right answer to the question, what is the level of IG in FET from the following options and a detailed explanation.

  1. Zero amperes
  2. Equal to Drain current
  3. Depends on the Drain Source voltage
  4. Undefined

Answer – A.

The level of IG in FET will be zero amperes.


The detailed solution to the question, what is the level of IG in FET provided here. 

Because silicon dioxide essentially insulates the gate of a FET, the DC into the gate is zero amperes. The semiconductor channel and the gate combine between the source and drain to produce a capacitor. 

This indicates that an AC input signal will result in an AC, whereas a DC input signal will result in a zero-ampere gate current.

In reality, just a very modest current is passing through the gate. Merely leak current; therefore, the DC is quite modest. But without a doubt, it is not zero but can be approximated to zero.

Hence, Option (A) is the correct answer. 

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