GATE 2022 Revision Notes for Thermodynamics

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Champion Study Plan covers daily notes, quizzes, and other important articles which are helpful for aspirants in their preparation for GATE exam 2020. The main aim of Revision notes in Champion Study Plan is to provide a quick Revision of the Thermodynamics before the National Champion Test.

Aspiring candidates should boost their preparation with the ongoing Champion Study plan for GATE ME 2020 as this revision notes will be highly beneficial during the time of revision for Thermodynamics in final stages of preparation.

Study Notes for Thermodynamics

Here we provide all related notes for Thermodynamics which has been released throughout the preparation. The Schedule has successfully pursued for 13 days as follows:

Topics Notes & Quiz Date
Basic Concepts  27-August
 Zeroth and First Laws of Thermodynamics  28-August
 Second Law of Thermodynamics  29-August
 Entropy  30-August
 Availability and Irreversibility  31-August
 Properties of Pure Substances  1-September
 Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning  2-September
 Basic Psychrometric Processes  3-September
 Thermodynamic Relations  4-September
 IC Engines  5-September
 Rankine Cycle & Regeneration and Reheat  6-September
Turbines & Compressors  7-September

Other useful Articles for Thermodynamics

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