World Environment Day 5 June 2020: History, Importance, Themes

By Sachin Awasthi|Updated : June 5th, 2020

World Environment Day 5 June 2020: The air we inhale, the water we see, the scenery we admire, the food we eat, and the atmosphere that makes our planet habitable, all originate from nature. Today in 1974, we started celebrating World Environment Day to engage governments, organizations, celebrities, and citizens to focus their efforts on environmental issues. So, in this article, you will read about the history, importance, and the theme of World Environment Day 2020.

World Environment Day 5 June 2020: All You Need To Know

History of World Environment Day

  • World Environment Day is observed every year on 5th June since 1974.
  • The aim of conducting this event is to remind everyone to not take nature for granted and raise awareness among people about environmental issues.
  • It is one of the biggest events run by the United Nations.
  • It was designed by the United Nations General Assembly in the year 1972 on the first day of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment.
  • Since 1974, World Environment Day is officially celebrated on 5th June every year.
  • World Environment Day is celebrated by a different country every year, in which official celebrations take place. This year's World Environment Day is hosted by Colombia in partnership with Germany.

The Theme of World Environment Day 2020

"Biodiversity", is the theme of World Environment Day 2020. According to the United Nations, biodiversity is a concern that is both urgent and existential'. Recently we have seen some cases like bushfires in Brazil, the United States, and Australia to locust infestations across Asia – and now, a global disease pandemic. These demonstrate the interdependence of humans and the webs of life, in which they exist. Nature is sending us a message, so this is high time we should start caring for our Biodiversity which is the theme of World Environment Day 2020.

Importance of World Environment Day 2020

  • World Environment Day 2020 offers a global platform for encouraging positive change.
  • It is celebrated to spread awareness among common people about environmental issues.
  • World Environment Day pushes people to think about the way they consume; for businesses to develop greener models; for farmers and manufacturers to produce more sustainably; for governments to safeguard wild spaces; for educators to inspire students to live in harmony with the Earth, and for youth to become fierce gatekeepers of a green future. It requires all of us.

However, all this is possible only virtually as one has to maintain social distancing norms this year. So this is all about World Environment Day 2020.

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1. When is the 'World Environment Day' celebrated?

A. June 5
B. April 7
C. October 24
D. None of the above

2. Why World Environment Day is observed on 5th June every year?

A. On this day UNFCCC was established in 1992
B. It was established by Stockholm conference on the Human Environment in 1972
C. To mark the beginning of the Kyoto Protocol
D. To mark the Rio Summit in 2002.

3. What was the theme of the World Environment Day, 2018?

A. Beat Water Pollution

B. Beat Air Pollution

C. Beat Chemical Pollution

D. Beat Plastic Pollution

4. What was the theme of World Environment Day 2019?

A. Only One Earth
B. Innovation for betterment
C. Air Pollution
D. Beat Plastic Pollution

5. United Nations Conference on Environment and Development is called______.

A. Air Summit
B. Resource Summit
C. Earth Summit
D. Water Summit

To know the solution of these questions watch this video on World Environment Day 2020.


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