Is it Easy to Score in GATE? Tips and Tricks to Score Higher in GATE 2022

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : January 5th, 2022

Is it Easy to Score in GATE? Scoring higher in the GATE 2022 exam can be a cakewalk to the students if they follow the below-given tips and tricks. Cracking GATE and scoring a high rank in the exam is one of the toughest tasks that are there for students to do. GATE is known to be one of the toughest exams that are there in India.

Students shall be cardinal and follow smart tips to score higher in GATE 2022. A single level of preparation can do no good to students and will only waste their time while they prepare for the exam. Stepwise preparation is proven to be the best strategy to score high in the GATE exam. We will discuss the tips and tricks to crack the GATE exam in the coming sections.

Top 10 tips to crack GATE 2022

Let us see the most important tips to crack the GATE exam that are proven to result in producing tips. The top 10 tips to crack GATE 2022 are:

  1. Start early
    Scoring higher in GATE 2022 is directly proportional to starting early for the exam. A number of days and strategic preparation for the exam in those days improves the ranking of the students.

  2. Be thorough with the GATE exam syllabus and GATE 2022 exam pattern
    Students shall know the syllabus and exam pattern completely and thoroughly. Detailed knowledge of the exam will help in focused preparation for the exam.

  3. Make a planned schedule
    Making a planned schedule and allotting hours according to your own comfort makes the journey easy. Sticking to the schedule is one of the hardest things a student has to do and then only guaranteed success can be awarded to the student.

  4. Dedicate 5-6 hours daily
    Dedicating 5-6 hours daily is a must for students in order to score high in the GATE exam. Continuous efforts are the best policy to succeed specifically in GATE exams.

  5. Make Notes to revise daily
    Creating notes and revising them daily is to be the best tip to score high marks in the GATE exam 2022. Students need to revise daily and create short notes everytime they revise the topics.

  6. Attempt Mock tests as many as possible
    Mock tests papers are best practice to know the exact real main day GATE exam situation. Mock test papers also help in increasing speed while attempting the exam.

  7. Opt trusted books
    Reputed and trusted books from known authors are the best-cited books that are to be followed by the students.

  8. Prepare section-wise
    Preparing your topics section-wise is recommended as this will not only keep the interest of the student in the subject but also will give enough time to freshly start new sections with the same intensity and energy. The three sections on which questions are asked in the GATE exam are: 
  • MCQ(Multiple Choice Questions)
  • MSQ(Multiple Select Questions)
  • NAT(Numerical Answer Type)

MCQ(Multiple Choice Questions)

The MCQ based questions are the most common type of questions that students come across in almost every exam. In GATE 2022 exam, Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ) will carry 1 or 2 marks and on the wrong attempt of the question, ⅓ rd of the allotted mark will be deducted. To score well in the MCQ based questions, students are advised to memorise all the formulas as much as possible. It is prescribed to guess and attempt the answers to the unfamiliar questions.

MSQ(Multiple Select Questions)

These are other types of questions that are objective in nature. Each question can have one or more than one correct answer hence becoming a little complicated for students to answer. These types of questions do not carry any negative marks. Also, no partial marks get credited if a few of the options are even correct. Students need to answer all the possible answers correctly for a particular question to get the full mark.

To practice for such questions, students can refer to Previous year GATE question papers or previous year ESE assertion Reason type questions.

NAT(Numerical Answer Type)

Answers to NAT will carry real number values. To answer close to the best possible answer, the range of the rounded off answer to the nearest digit will be mentioned to each question. To score well in such questions students are advised to give as many mock tests as possible and always double-check the units and dimensions given in the questions.

  • Figure Out Your Strength & Weakness
    Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will not only help you improve on the topics but will also help you to understand what subject to focus more on and what to give less time accordingly.

  • Resolve your doubts as and when faced
    The best way to deal with your doubts is to solve them then and there as you face them. Students shall refer to reputed study material or educators to solve their doubts. 

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  • Students are advised to study in a planned manner for GATE 2022. A dedicated 5-6 hours are enough to score well in the exam.

  • Planning the strategy to prepare for the GATE exam with proper revision and reputed books is the best strategy to score more marks in the GATE exam.

  • Yes, GATE is known to be one of the hardest and toughest exams for Graduates where more than 8 Lakhs of students sit in the exam every year.

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