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By Neha Goyal|Updated : September 14th, 2017

In continuation of the strategy to prepare English, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning section for SSC MTS exam, we are back with another article for you to prepare General Awareness section for SSC MTS Exam 2017. General Awareness section is very important for SSC MTS exam as 25 questions are asked from this section which makes it very important. Follow the strategy which will be discussed in this article and you will be able to handle this section very well in your SSC MTS Exam.

Topic Wise Marks Distribution for General Awareness of Previous Year SSC MTS Exam



Current Affairs

International Affairs

National Affairs

Economy & Finance


Features of Indian Economy


Geography of India

World Geography

Physical Geography


History of India

World History

Indian Polity & Constitution

Indian Polity & Constitution

Science & Technology




Discoveries & Inventions

Other Information


Space, Defence in India

Static GK

Honours & Awards

Important Dates


National & International Organizations

Other Information


Art & Culture

Books & Authors

SSC MTS 2017 General Awareness Preparation Topic-Wise Strategy

General Awareness cannot be mastered in one day or one month. It is an important part of the SSC MTS syllabus. You need to work daily to improve your G.K.As you know English and Quantitative Aptitude are prepared by almost all the students but most of them ignore general awareness section.If you are strong in G.K, it will make you unique in the crowd and you will get a very good rank in your exam. Here We are going to discuss topic wise strategy to prepare for your exam.

Current Affairs

There are 4-5 easy questions are asked in SSC MTS exam from current affair section. To prepare this well you need to be consistent.

Focus on last 6 months’ current affairs from the date of your exam. You can go through our notes by clicking on the link given below.

Economy & Finance

SSC MTS Previous year paper can help you prepare this section well because only basic questions are asked from this section. Grade up notes can also help you prepare this section well

Example: Monopoly refers to?

Answer: Monopoly is the situation where there is an absence of competition. You can see a lot of things in the market which is provided by only one company so the prices are automatically high. These kinds of basic questions are asked in your exam.

Example: A portion of an individual’s total income is spent on consumption. The remaining part is called?

Answer: Savings

You can see these types of questions can be answered by most of the students. The important thing is you don’t have to study economics in very deep, just go through grade up notes and solve quizzes.

Geography/History/ Indian Polity & Constitution

As we know history, geography and polity are very vast topics and it is impossible to cover the entire thing. If you keep reading these subjects and do not practice questions, everything is going to get wasted. You have to memorize so many things and practising questions will help you memorize things. We are providing you with some questions which were asked in SSC MTS 2014 exam, this will help to know the level of questions asked in SSC MTS exam and you can start your preparation accordingly.

Example: who was the founder of Arya Samaj?

Answer: Dayanand Saraswati

Example: Who was the greatest Kushan ruler?

Answer: Kanishka

Example: Lira was the currency of which country?

Answer: Italy

Example: The Almatti Dam is constructed on the river?

Answer: Sileru

Example: Who is the Supreme commander-in-chief of armed forces?

Answer: President

Example: In the Constitution of India, the budget is known as?

Answer: Annual Financial Statement

Example: Which of the following countries has a parliamentary form of government?

a)New Zealand b)Cuba c)United States of America d) France

Answer: United States of America

You can see from above examples that easy questions are asked from History, Geography, and Polity but you have to read them effectively.

Science & Technology

Many questions are asked from Science & Technology including Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer. We are providing you examples from these topics so that you will have an idea of what to read and how to score well.

Example: The PH of pure water is?


Example: The name of the scientist who discovered neutron?

Answer: James Chadwick             

Example: The invention of ------------- led to the third generation of computers?

Answer: IC ( Integrated Chips)

Example: Who is the father of biology?

Answer: Aristotle

Example: Clove is?

Answer: Flower bud

Example: Commonly used fuse wire if made of?

Answer: An alloy of tin and lead

You can see very easy and basic questions are asked in SSC MTS exam so just focus on the things which are important for your exam.Read Grade up notes. You can also follow ‘lucent’ book which is very good.

Static GK

Some questions are asked from static G.K in SSC MTS Exam. You should read the newspaper daily and should be in touch with the important international and national events. Questions are generally asked on the events which are very famous. We are providing few examples based on previous year SSC MTS exam.

Example: As on 2013, which is the youngest political party in India?

Answer: AAP

Example: Who won a silver medal in Summer Olympics 2016 in badminton?

Answer: P.V Sindhu

We will be uploading more and more quizzes to help you prepare for your exam. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.


Do not ignore G.K section because of the large syllabus. If you read important things you can easily score full marks in this section. You can discuss your queries with us, we will try to answer you in a very short time.

G.K section can really help you achieve your goal because G.K is not everyone’s cup of tea and those who will work hard in this section, going to get success definitely. Take a look at SSC MTS previous year cut off to know how much you need to score in each section.

All General Awareness Study Notes for SSC MTS Exams - Click Here 

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All the Best!
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