Visual Memory for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Sachin Awasthi

Updated : Oct 28, 2020, 16:58

Visual Memory questions: One of the most important types of questions that the reasoning section comprises is Visual Memory questions. Such problem statements have repeatedly appeared in the SSC and Railways exams. They are quite scoring and helps candidates secure a better rank in the exam. Hence, we recommend students to practice Visual memory questions and answers for SSC exam regularly. For this, there are various visual memory quizzes for SSC exams that students can give to improve their abilities.

Competitive exams are one of the most favoured choices in the selection of suitable candidates for various Government job roles. One of the integral parts of competitive exams like SBI PO, IBPS Clerk, LIC AAO, Bank PO, etc. happens to be the reasoning section. The section carries a considerable weightage. One of the most asked topics in the reasoning section is Visual Memory questions.

To have an efficient approach to such questions, one must prepare Visual Memory Notes for SSC exams which should cover all the areas for the examination. While giving Visual memory online tests for SSC exams, one must be mindful of the types of questions which will help in devising a better strategy.

Important Visual Memory Topics

Broadly, there are two Visual Memory Topics for SSC exams: ]

  1. Mirror Images
  2. Paper Folding

Let us now look at each of these two topics separately and decode some of the Visual Memory tricks for SSC exams that can be helpful to the students.

Mirror images are a recurring affair in the SSC and railway examinations. These concepts are easy to understand. Once you get to know the tricks, you can solve them with ease. The key to mastering these questions is to opt-in for Visual Memory practice tests for SSC exams.

Tips to solve and prepare for Visual Memory questions

One must keep the following pointers in mind while solving mirror images questions in the Visual Memory Practice sets for SSC exams.

  • The basic principle of these types of questions is that every object has an inverted image when reflected in the mirror.
  • A mirror might not be the only thing reflecting the object. The reflection can be created by water too.
  • Look at the following table to understand common problem areas and how to approach the questions:

Problem Area


Position of the mirror (in front of the object)

· You will see the horizontally inverted image of the object. Example: object on the left will come to the right and vice versa.

· The vertical order of images will be the same.

Position of the mirror (below the object)

· The object's reflection will be vertically inverted. For example, the upright tree would appear as an inverted object and vice versa.

· Horizontal order of images will not change.

Nature of mirror

· If the mirror is ordinary, follow the above guidelines.

· When you are not aware of the position of the ordinary mirror, assume it to be in the front.

· When the mirror is water surface, then always assume that it is below, unless otherwise explicitly mentioned.

Nature of the Object

· If the object is simple with easily distinguishable elements, it would be easy to solve

· If you are dealing with a complicated question, break it into smaller parts to solve it.

Another important and easy category of Visual memory syllabus for SSC exam is the paper folding.

Tips to solve and prepare for Paper Folding questions

Let us look at the following points to understand how to approach these questions:

  • The questions will have some lines or patterns on a piece of paper. The folds will follow a particular trend. The students need to visualize how the object will look once you fold it accordingly.
  • One needs to look at from where the paper is folding; horizontally or vertically.
  • These questions are easy to solve. You can eliminate the incorrect answers with ease.
  • Let’s look at the steps to solving these questions efficiently. These steps can act as the Visual Memory formula for SSC exams.

Step 1

Read the question thoroughly.

Step 2

Eliminate incorrect options.

Step 3

In case one is going for selection rather than elimination, carefully observe the direction of the paper folds. Then choose the answer based on visualization,

Most recommended books for Visual Memory questions

These are a few topics of Visual Memory problems for SSC exams. For practice sets, you can download Visual memory question and answer PDF for SSC exams from the internet.

One might also find Visual memory rules in the following books meant for exam preparations:

  1. A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal
  2. Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Pandey

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Frequently Asked Questions about Visual Memory questions

  1. Where can I find practice sets for Visual Memory?

At BYJU'S Exam Prep, one can find both commonly asked and relevant practice sets for Visual Memory questions. you can also solve numerous mock test and previous year questions for better preparation.

  1. Are folding questions crucial?

Yes, paper folding questions are important and come regularly in exams such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, and other Railway Exams.

  1. How do I manage time while solving the Visual Memory Questions?

By using the tricks and techniques, you can easily manage time and solve them correctly.