Syllogistic Reasoning for SSC and RRB Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Oct 27, 2020, 17:11

Syllogistic reasoning problems in SSC exams such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL. SSC MTS, RRB JE, RRB NTPC, RRB Group D, etc. are primarily part of aptitude section. Syllogistic reasoning questions are very common in government exams and form a scoring portion of the question paper. It usually falls under the category of logical reasoning. It has been seen, from the last few years, Syllogistic reasoning problems in the SSC exam have been asked very frequently. It should be a key objective of every SSC or Railways exam aspirant to understand the Syllogistic reasoning formula for the SSC exam and Syllogistic reasoning rules thoroughly.

To ensure good results, it is paramount to make a habit of giving Syllogistic reasoning online tests for SSC exams and the Syllogistic reasoning quiz for SSC exams routinely. It is pivotal to know Syllogistic reasoning topics for SSC exams and the Syllogistic reasoning syllabus for SSC exams before commencing your preparation.

Important Syllogistic Reasoning Topics



Conditional syllogism

It follows an “If B is true, then C is true” pattern of logic. They are mostly hypothetical syllogism, as the arguments are not always valid, but they are mainly an accepted truth.

Categorical syllogism

It follows an “If C is part of B, then A is part of B” logic. It consists of three categorical propositions and each of them is applied twice.

Disjunctive syllogism

It follows an “Either B or C is true if it’s B, C is false” premise. It does not state whether the major or minor premise is correct. But it is understood that either of them is correct.

Tips to Solve/Prepare Syllogistic Reasoning Questions

  • First, read and understand the Statements.
  • Figure out what question is asking and accordingly draw Venn Diagrams for all the Statements given in the question.
  • Analyze and find out question patterns and draw an inference of each statement.
  • Always sequentially attempt Questions and not in an unorganized way.
  • There are definite general rules in Syllogisms, keep them in mind before attempting any Syllogisms Reasoning questions.
  1. All + All will imply All.
  2. All + No will suggest No.
  3. All + Some will imply no Conclusion.
  4. Some + All will suggest, Some.
  5. Some + No will imply, Some Not.
  6. Some + Some will imply, No Conclusion.
  • In possibility cases, you have to create all possibilities to figure out that the given conclusion is feasible or not. If the inference is fulfilling all the probability, then only you can presume it to be right.
  • Practice Syllogistic reasoning quiz for SSC exams frequently.

Importance of Syllogistic Reasoning Section of SSC and Railways Exams

  • This section is tricky and asked in almost all competitive exams, to know the candidate’s mental ability to come to a definite conclusion.
  • Syllogistic Reasoning questions are very scoring and can assist a candidate in successfully qualifying the exams.
  • It tests the verbal reasoning capability of a candidate.
  • In exams around 5-10 Questions, are put up from Syllogistic Reasoning.

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Undoubtedly the Syllogistic Reasoning portion is quite necessary, for competitive exams. Candidates must secure Syllogistic reasoning questions and answers pdf for SSC exams and, you should prepare according to the pattern. Prepare Syllogistic reasoning notes for SSC exams in the first place to save time and energy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Syllogistic Eeasoning questions

Question 1. What are the three main parts of Syllogistic Reasoning questions?

Answer:- Major premise (general Statement), Minor premise (specific Statement), and conclusion (based on the two Premises).

Question 2. How to draw Venn diagrams?

Answer:- Make a circle for each subject and, every Circle should overlap with at least one other Circle. Label each Circle, and enter the differences and similarities inside each Circle.

Question 3. Statements:

Some B are D

Some A are C


  1. Some A are D
  2. Some D are B
  3. Only conclusion I follows
  4. Only conclusion II follows
  5. Either conclusion I or II follows.
  6. Neither conclusion I nor II follows.

Answer: (b) Only conclusion II follows


After, drawing all the possible Venn diagrams one can easily make it out that (I) conclusion is not always accurate, and therefore conclusion (II) follows.