Statement and Assumptions for SSC & Railway Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Nov 2, 2020, 18:05

The most significant part of every competitive exam is having a powerful hold over logical reasoning, saving time and helping you stay one step ahead of the competition. Statement and Assumptions questions can have a positive impact on the candidate’s speed and score if they make sure that the concept is clear to them.

The different exams conducted under SSC and railways are SSC CGL,(combined graduate level) SSC CHSL,(higher secondary level)  SSC MTS, RRB JE, RRB Group D, RRB NTPC, etc. It is important to prepare according to the level and pattern of particular exams. One of the crucial steps to attain a firm hold in the logical reasoning section can be done by mastering over Statement and Assumptions questions and answers SSC exams

Important Statement and Assumptions Topics




A statement is a simple expression communicated directly in written form or speech. In the exams, they give the statement, which is more like giving a situation to the candidates to assess their decision-making skills. You can get plenty of examples in the Statement and Assumptions quiz for SSC exams.


Assumptions have a connection with the statement. You need to recognize the best assumption which can logically be considered according to the statement. One important thing about the assumptions is that you have to suppose it to be true. You can get all the details in Statement and Assumptions notes for SSC exams.

Format of the questions

Statement and Assumptions questions comprise a statement followed by two or more assumptions and the candidate needs to make a choice implicit with the statement. You can take the Statement and Assumptions online test for SSC exams to better understand the format for these questions.

Tips to Solve/Prepare Statement and Assumptions Questions

  • Do not over-analyze the questions, read the statement thoroughly, understand the information given, and then go through the assumptions.
  • Consider assumptions true regarding the statement. 
  • Pick the most logical assumption that is aligned with the information presented in the statement.
  • Apply the exclusion method which works in most of the cases.
  • Do not apply any other common fact or general knowledge, strictly go with the information provided in the statement.
  • It is essential to know the Statement and Assumptions tricks for SSC exams.
  • Finally, practising will only take you to perfection, so study and solve Statement and Assumptions practice set SSC.

Importance of Statement and Assumptions Questions

  • Logical reasoning can be a highly scoring section and you can make the most of it by going deeper into the topic.
  • This section will test your ability to make the right decision, making it an important part of SSC and railways exams.
  • At least one to five questions are asked from this topic, so knowing Statement and Assumptions formula for SSC exams is crucial.
  • A firm hold on Statement and Assumptions questions and answers SSC exams will help score more while sparing time for other sections.

Most Recommended Books for Statement and Assumptions

A modern approach to verbal reasoning by R.S Agarwal

This book will help you clear basic concepts and provide detailed guidance on Statement and Assumptions topics for SSC exams. 

Analytical reasoning by MK Pandey

This book will enhance your skills in logical thinking and improve your decision-making skills through advanced Statements and Assumptions practice set SSC.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the statements and assumptions?

It is a topic that is an important part of SSC and Railways exams where statement means a piece of information followed by multiple assumptions where the candidate needs to consider the assumptions and pick the one that is logically correct.

  • What is the importance of statement and assumption questions in the SSC and Railways exam?

As it checks the decision-making ability, it is a crucial part of examining the logical thinking ability of the candidate. For the candidates, it is the most scoring section and can help them secure a better score.

  • How to attempt statement and assumption questions?

Think logically but do not apply general facts in the statement, consider assumptions to be valid and analyze the information provided in the question.

  • How to solve statements and assumptions questions?

Reading high-quality books with varied questions and knowing all statement and assumptions rules will help you solve the questions and eventually improve your logical thinking skills.

  • How to prepare for statement and assumption problems in SSC exams?

There are various online sources to prepare, all you need is to find the best site that can meet your preparation needs. BYJU'S Exam Prep comes up with multiple courses, classes and statement and assumptions questions and answers pdf for SSC exams to clarify every topic systemically.