Statement and Conclusions for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Sachin Awasthi

Updated : Nov 17, 2020, 17:05

Logical reasoning is an integral part of every competitive exam that can greatly impact the candidate’s overall score. Statement and Conclusions questions are among the pre-eminent questions that will positively affect the candidate’s performance if he/she has a good command over the topic. With smart Statement and Conclusions tricks for SSC exams, you can improve your chances of bagging the position.

The recruitment is done for various exams that come under SSC and railways such as SSC CHSL (higher secondary level), SSC CGL (combined graduate level), SSC MTS, RRB NTPC, RRB JE, RRB Group D,. For whichever position you target, Statement and Conclusions problems in SSC exams will be required to secure a better result.

Important statement and conclusion topics




A statement is a piece of information provided in the question that the candidate should believe to be true without applying any external thoughts. You can attempt the Statement and Conclusions quiz for SSC exams, which will help you understand the nature of different statements.


The conclusion is the consequence or opinion arriving out of the given statement. There will be multiple options among which one, two, or multiple conclusions may follow, or sometimes neither. It might sound tricky, but once you know the Statement and Conclusions formula for SSC exams, it will become a lot easier.

Format of the question

A statement will be given, which can be a fact, an opinion, or just a description of a situation followed by conclusions. You need to select the conclusion which provides a logically correct result from the statement. Statement and Conclusions practice set SSC which contains different types of questions can help you grasp the concept better.

Tips to Solve/ Prepare Statement and Conclusions Question

  • Guesswork must be strictly avoided as it may lead to negative marking. Answer only when you are confident, and boost your confidence level by taking regular Statement and Conclusions online test for SSC exams.
  • Try to find out a connection between statement and conclusion through some keywords.
  • If you are given a choice of multiple conclusions, then analyze and recognize the interlinked factor that connects both the conclusions.
  • You might find some lengthy statements, still, be thorough in your reading, do not jump straight into the conclusions.

Importance of statement and conclusion in the logical reasoning section of SSC and Railways exam

  • This is the most significant section to score better once you understand the gist of Statement and Conclusions questions and answers SSC exams.
  • You may find at least three to five questions that can help you get ahead in the competition if you can practice Statement and Conclusions practice set SSC.
  • It tests the candidate’s decision-making skills, which makes it an indispensable part of every competitive exam. Since they’re definitely coming in the exam, you can be well-prepared for them.
  • A stronghold on this topic will not only fetch you more marks but also help save a decent amount of time for other questions.

Most Recommended Books for Statement and Conclusions

A modern approach to verbal reasoning by R.S Agarwal
Start from studying the basics of logical reasoning with this book and go deeper into detailed learning by grasping the concepts of Statement and Conclusions topics for SSC exams.
Analytical reasoning by MK Pandey
This book will help you learn advanced techniques to solve logical reasoning questions by mastering Statement and Conclusions rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1- What are statements and conclusions?

It is one of the most crucial topics in SSC and Railways exam where statement comprises facts, expression of an opinion or a brief of any situation, and conclusions are the consequences or logical course of action that must follow the statement.

2- What is the importance of statement and conclusion questions in the SSC and railways exam?

It is the best section to boost your score if you can build a strong command over the topics. It can not only elevate your score but will also save an ample amount of time. It tests the candidate’s logical mind frame and the capability to make the right decisions at the right time.

3- How to attempt statement and assumption questions?

Do not make any assumptions while attempting these questions. Any guesswork can lead to negative marking, so read the statement carefully.

4- How to solve statement and assumptions questions?

Read the statement and consider it as a fact without applying any other general knowledge. Use the Statement and Conclusions rules you’ve studied beforehand.

5- How to prepare for statement and assumption questions?

Online coaching, like BYJU'S Exam Prep, that offers excellent preparation by experienced faculty, thorough concept clearing classes and Statement and Conclusions questions and answers pdf for SSC exams can immensely help you with preparations.