Spelling Errors for SSC & Railways Exam

By : Sachin Awasthi

Updated : Nov 2, 2020, 14:09

SSC and Railway Exams are one of the most popular competitive exams. The exams are conducted to hire and recruit staff for various posts in government departments, ministries, and organisations of the Indian Government. When preparing for this exam, it is imperative to avoid committing spelling errors in the SSC exam. Prepare for the upcoming SSC exam with proper use of spellings and understanding of English Grammar.

Important Rules for Improving Spelling Errors

Error Spotting

One of the most important rules that must be kept in the mind when preparing for this exam is error spotting. It is an important topic that comes under English Section when preparing for the exam. Practice a lot to avoid spelling error SSC and score high in the exam.

Dropping Silent “e” Before a Suffix

As per this rule, the silent “e” is dropped before a suffix that begins with a vowel.

Examples- dine + ing= dining

Use + able= Usable 

It is important to check this rule to hone your skills and understand spelling errors problems in SSC exams.

Silent “e” kept before a suffix that starts with a constant

As per this rule, the silent “e” is kept before a suffix that begins with a constant.

Examples- Late + ly= Lately

Game + ster= Gamester

Exceptions to the Above Rules

Examples- Dyeing, Argument, Duly, Truly, Mileage, Argument, Canoeing, Ninth, Wholly.

A Word that ends in “ur” or “er” doubles the “r” in the past tense

As per this rule, a word that ends in “ur” or “er” doubles the “r” if the word is accented on the last syllable in the past tense.

Examples- Prefer- Preferred

Occur- Occurred

Transfer- Transferred

It is the spelling errors formula for SSC exams.

At the end of the noun, “full’ is added, the final l is dropped to the end of the noun

In noun words, when “full” is added at the end, the “l” is dropped.

Examples- Cupful, Cheerful, Hopeful

Prefix-words with the word self are hyphenated

The words used as a prefix with the word self are hyphenated

Example- Self-respect



The letter “u” always follows the letter “q”

The letter “q” is followed by the letter “u”

Example- Bouquet, Quiz, Acquire

Avoiding Spelling Error SSC

The only way to avoid spelling error in SSC exams is to follow the rules mentioned above and more. Practising a lot and solving questions that test spelling prowess also helps in avoiding these mistakes. There is no dearth of practice sheets that every SSC aspirant must solve to avoid spelling errors questions SSC. Solving practice rule-based questions can help in avoiding this error.

Rule- Words that start with over become one word.

Example-Overhear, Overchange, Overcast.

Rule- Words with y in the end preceded by a consonant changes “y” to “I” and becomes ed or es.

Example- Army- Armies; Puppy-Puppies

Rely-Relies; Employ-Employs


Refer to the Spelling Error Notes

The study material for the SSC Exam also contains spelling errors notes for SSC Exams. It has important rules that need to be followed when attempting an English Exam. There are detailed notes, studying and referring to which aspirants can avoid committing costly spelling errors and losing important marks.

Online Tests For SSC Exams

Appearing for online tests is also one of the ways to avoid committing spelling errors. These spelling errors online test for SSC exams is one of the ways through which candidates can identify careless mistakes committed by them when attempting English Grammar paper.

Why Prepare Spelling Error SSC from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

SSC Exam aspirants can take online quizzes at BYJU'S Exam Prep to prepare spelling errors for the SSC Exam and understand where they are going wrong. BYJU'S Exam Prep experts provide the questions of these quizzes which are prepared as per the SSC and Railway Exam format. There 24*7 assistance make the preparation of Spelling Error SSC much easier and understandable. Thus, take these quiz exercises as a practice which will surely help you avoid spelling errors that have been usually made in the English Exam.


SSC and Railway exams are competitive exams that help candidates look forward to a bright career. Checking out spelling errors topics for SSC Exams help the candidates to attempt English Grammar section of the Exam with greater success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If the singular is boy, what would be its plural?

The plural of the word “boy” would be “boys” because if a vowel precedes the words ending in “y”, only “s” needs to be added in the last. So, the plural of a boy is boys.

  1. Is there any rule about words with y, in the end, changing in its plural form?

Yes, the words that end with a “y” changes to “I” and ends with ed or es provided the word ends with a consonant. For example- puppy changes into puppies.

  1. Are there spelling error practice tests available?

Yes, many websites like BYJU'S Exam Prep have come up with practice tests, quiz, and spelling error tricks for SSC exams that help SSC aspirants prepare well for this competitive Exam.

  1. How do words with the word self change?

The words that come with a prefix self get automatically hyphenated for instance-self-assured, self-addressed, self-respect, etc. 

  1. Where can I check spelling errors syllabus for SSC exams?

SSC & Railway websites provide the latest spelling errors syllabus for SSC Exams. Knowing the syllabus helps in preparing well for the examination.