Spatial Visualization for SSC Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Oct 27, 2020, 16:03

Spatial Visualization is a mental ability to manipulate two and three-dimensional figures or elements to solve Spatial Visualization questions. To excel, in this section, it is necessary to prepare Spatial Visualization notes for SSC exams. Before starting your preparations, download the Spatial Visualization syllabus for SSC exams to figure out how much to study on this topic and earn the Spatial Visualization formula for SSC exams exhaustively. There are definite Spatial Visualization rules which need to be understood properly to avoid any last-minute rush before your SSC or railway exams. Spatial Visualization questions are asked in SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, RRB JE, RRB NTPC, RRB Group D, etc.

To know your level of preparation, give the Spatial Visualization online test for SSC exams. Spatial Visualization problems in SSC exams assess the candidate's ability to solve problems if it arises during the normal course of work.

Important Spatial Visualization Topics



Shape Matching two Dimensional

Here you have to match the two-Dimensional objects. You have to look at two groups of simple objects, and you have to find pairs that are exactly the same.

Visual Comparison two Dimensional

Several objects will be provided, and only two of which will be.

Group Rotation two Dimensional

It is quite complex. You have to figure out which answer figures are a rotation of the question figure.

Cube Views in three dimensions

Several views of a three-dimension cube, with a unique symbol, will be provided in the question, and you have to tell which symbol is on the opposite face?

Two-Dimensional Mirror Reflections

In this type of question, you have to view two-dimensional objects in a different way. An image will be provided, and you have to identify its mirror image.

Combining two-Dimensional Shapes

A series of two-dimensional shapes will be provided. One of which has been cut into pieces, and you have to tell which of the shapes has been cut-up.

Tips to Solve/Prepare Spatial Visualization Questions

  • Analyze the question first before answering. Don’t try to answer them, relying on random guesses.
  • Try to understand the building blocks. It can be done by looking at the following things in the question:-
  • How many sides are there in the objects?
  • Number of elements drawn inside the object
  • Colour of objects
  • Carefully consider the patterns followed in the designs of these objects.
  • Apply your reasons and justifications and start disqualifying the options which you think are not suitable.
  • Practice and invest time in solving Spatial Visualization questions.
  • Time management is a must and follow all special instructions if any, and accelerate your answering speed.

Importance of Spatial Visualization Section of SSC and Railways Exams

  • Around 5-6 questions come from Spatial Visualization.

  • The main goal of this section is to measure the candidate's imaginary manipulation of the object.

  • Candidates can score very high in this section if Spatial Visualization questions and answers of SSC exams is, practised diligently.

  • If a candidate can answer all questions correctly from this section, it will increase the chances of qualifying the SSC or railways exam.

Most Recommended Books for Spatial Visualization

Some of the best books for Spatial Visualization are:-

S no.



Spatial Visualization by Sharvi Chelimilla


Introduction to 3-D Spatial Visualization by Sheryl A. Sorby


Spatial Visualization by Arthur Wiebe

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The Spatial Visualization section is essential for competitive exams. Before the exams, practice as much as Spatial Visualization questions as this section is although tricky but at the same time scoring. But understanding the Spatial Visualization tricks for SSC exams can be of great help during answer writing as it will save time and will ensure good results. Hone your Spatial Visualization skills by giving the Spatial Visualization quiz for SSC exams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Spatial Visualization questions

Question 1. How to solve Spatial Visualization quickly?

Answer: Practice is the only key to solve Spatial Visualization questions quickly. Practice as much as possible and give a mock test to enhance your speed.

Question 2. Which types of Spatial Visualization questions are asked, in competitive exams?

Answer: It depends on the examiner and, it is not, fixed. However, you can check previous year papers to know more about this.

Question 3. Spatial Visualization is a part of Logical Reasoning?

Answer: No, Spatial Visualization is not a part of Logical Reasoning as it does not test your ability to understand a logical series but check your mental ability to rotate pictures.