Space Visualization for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Sachin Awasthi

Updated : Nov 18, 2020, 17:14

Space visualization questions are one of the most common reasoning topics. Space visualization means the ability to solve questions related to two and three-dimensional figures. It might include some questions related to the rotation of these figures as well. These are some of the trickiest questions asked during the competitive exams. This section promotes the thinking ability of the students.

Some of the most common exams where Space visualization questions are regularly asked are - SBI Specialist officer, Bank PO, IBPS PO, IBPS RRB Clerk, SSC CGL, SSC JHT, SSC CPO, RRB Para Medical, and Railway Group D Exam. Below mentioned are all the details about Space visualization topics and the best way to prepare Space visualization questions for SSC and Railways Exams.

Important Space Visualization Topics for SSC & Railways Exams




Here you will get 2-3 images of a dice, which is cubic in shape. Numbers will be displayed on each side of this dice. You will be asked to suggest the number on the side, which is not visible in the picture.


Here you can get either one cube or more than one cube. On each visible side of the cube, you will be able to see some numbers or arrangement. You will be asked to suggest the number or arrangement on the side, which is not visible in the picture.

Tips to Solve/ Prepare Space Visualization Questions

Space visualization rules are quite simple while solving the topic. Let’s have a look at the important tips and tricks to solve or prepare space visualization questions –

  • Read the questions carefully. One of the most important points while solving space visualization problems in SSC exams is that important keywords are hidden in the question. And thus, if you read the question slowly, you will be able to crack these questions easily.
  • There is no specific space visualization formula for SSC exams. The key is to practice and practice more. With proper practice, you will be able to gain a time advantage over space visualization topics for SSC exams.
  • Try to go for regular test sessions while solving space visualization questions and answers SSC exams. Solve space visualization online tests for SSC exams so that you can gain confidence in this topic.
  • Another important space visualization trick for SSC exams is to make constant notes while solving this topic. You can create space visualization notes for SSC exams on a rough paper.

Importance of Space Visualization in Quantitative Section of SSC & Railway Exams

  • Space visualization helps in logical thinking. Solving the space visualization quiz for SSC exams helps in the development of analytical thinking skills.
  • Space visualization promotes faster thinking among the examinees. While solving these questions, your mind will become much sharper.
  • Space visualization aids in efficient and effective decision-making abilities. This is very helpful in daily life and managing regular affairs.
  • Space visualization gives us knowledge of reality. It helps to perceive the situations accurately, and therefore, survive in this world easily.

Most Recommended Books for Space Visualization

You can prepare space visualization questions and answers pdf for SSC exams with the help of the following books:

S. No.

Name of the Book

Author’s Name/ Publication


Lucent Reasoning

Arihant Publication


Logical & Analytical Reasoning

A K Gupta

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How to secure full marks in space visualization questions?

If you want to secure full marks in space visualization questions, then you must go for the space visualization practice set SSC. This will enable you to gain an upper hand, and thus, gain confidence in this topic.

  1. How to read questions while solving space visualization topics?

When you are solving this topic, make sure that you read the questions carefully and slowly. Read the question twice and try to make important notes on a rough paper.

  1. What are the important theoretical tips in the space visualization topic?

When you are solving the space visualization practice test SSC exam, you need to practice the questions. This topic involves no theory, and thus, you don't need to practice any theoretical concepts.

  1. How to avoid getting negative marking in space visualization questions?

You need to practice and read the questions thoroughly while solving space visualization topics. Read the questions slowly and look for common keywords when you are solving this topic. This will help you to avoid negative marking in space visualization questions.

  1. Which are the best books to prepare for space visualization questions?

You can practice space visualization questions from any of the reasoning books. But if you want to gain an edge over this topic, then it's best to prepare from the space visualization books mentioned here. They offer a higher degree of knowledge, and thus, these books are apt for this topic.

  1. How many types of questions are expected from this topic?

Under the space visualization topic, two major types of questions are expected. Questions arising out of dice and cube arrangements are most commonly asked here. Other than this many other 2-3 dimensional figure arrangement questions are also asked under this topic.