Space Orientation for SSC and Railways Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Oct 30, 2020, 13:53

Space Orientation questions often form a part of SSC and Railways Exams 2020. Space Orientation questions are easy to solve and can be scoring if solved in the correct manner. In RRB Group D, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, RRB NTPC, SSC CGL, RRB JE, RRB NTPC, and RRB Group D exams, the Space Orientation section is a part of logical reasoning, where one can easily score well. Space reasoning is an ability to observe objects from a three-dimensional perspective and draw out the conclusions from it with limited information.

In Space Orientation questions, the candidate must use their spatial abilities and critical thinking skills to visualise how the object may appear when rotated. So, one needs to embrace a holistic approach of learning and develop good spatial skills to clear this section. Understand the best way to tackle Space Orientation questions and be prepared for the exam.

Important Space Orientation Topics for SSC and Railways Exams 2020

Here are the Space Orientation topics for SSC exams and other Railway Exams. Understand the kinds of questions asked under Space Orientation topic and prepare each of them in a comprehensive manner.

S. no.




2D and 3D Cubes

In this type of question, aspirants have to determine the arrangements of cubes in the given order.


Rotated Shapes

In this, one has to identify the images that are rotated but not mirrored.


Shadow Projection

Need to identify the direction of the shadow on the object.


Mirror Images

Here, a mirror image of the alphabets is presented, and the candidate is required to choose the best alternative that is closely related to the mirror image.


Mental Rotation

The candidate is required to choose the picture that is identical to the original image, except for its orientation.

Tips to Solve/ Prepare Space Orientation Questions

  • Solve all the previous years' papers rigorously as it will help to understand the exam pattern and can formulate the preparation strategy.
  • Prepare Space Orientation questions and answers pdf for SSC exams, in this way, everything is put down at one place, and revision will be easy.
  • Chalk out a study plan, and solve the Space Orientation Quiz for SSC exams regularly.
  • Take Space Orientation online test for SSC exams as it will help to unravel Space Orientation problems in SSC Exams.

Importance of Space Orientation in Government Exams

  1. It helps in identifying the logical reasoning ability of the candidate.
  2. It checks one’s ability in having a clear idea about the surroundings and how well one can comprehend it.
  3. Questions are asked from this part consistently; so by planning well, you can boost your overall score in the exam.
  4. Space Orientation questions are helpful in the preparation of other competitive exams also.

Most Recommended Books for Space Orientation

As the exams draw nearer, aspirants wind up purchasing a plethora of books that make their examination preparation troublesome. Here is the rundown of the most-recommended books for Space Orientation by experts-

S. no.

Name of the Books

Author Name


Lucent Reasoning

Lucent Publication


Reasoning Quizzes



SSC CPO Online Mock Series


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Space Orientation questions deserve considerate attention as it helps to improve the overall score in the exam. Take the Space Orientation online test for SSC exams regularly and keep measuring the progress.

Thoroughly go through the Space Orientation rules and Space Orientation formula for SSC exams. Understand and memorise the rules in a proper manner. To improve memorisation and implementation, practice Space Orientation practice set SSC by solving numerous questions using the correct Space Orientation tricks for SSC exams. One way to excel in the exam is to take the Space Orientation practice test SSC exam daily as it will improve question-solving skills.

Frequently Asked Questions about Space Orientation questions

1- Is Space Orientation questions a part of the general awareness section of SSC and Railways Exams?

No, Space Orientation questions are the part of the logical reasoning section of SSC and Railways Exams.

2- Is space orientation and spatial orientation the same?

Yes, both are synonymously used and are the same.

3- Can I prepare Space Orientation questions online?

Yes, one can prepare online; even study materials are also available. BYJU'S Exam Prep also offers notes, pdf, and online quizzes. All notes are prepared from previous years' papers that help in preparing effectively.

4- How many questions are asked in Space Orientation questions every year in SSC and Railway exams?

There is no fixed frequency in the number of questions asked every year. It varies from year to year.

5- Are questions repeated in SSC and Railways exams?

Yes, few questions get repeated, but not mandatorily.