Series Problems for SSC & Railway Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Oct 29, 2020, 18:39

Series Problems questions are patterns in which numbers, letters, or both are arranged sequentially in a way that the next number/letter in the series can be only obtained with a specific set of rules. These Series Problems rules can be based on mathematical operations, placement of letters in alphabetical order, etc. 

Series Problems questions present the candidate with numerical sequences that keep a legitimate guideline, in light of rudimentary math. In these inquiries, a grouping of numbers called 'terms' are introduced, with at least one missing component. You then need to find the standard that associates them with one another. After you get the standard, you would be able to find the missing number.

Different questions have different levels of difficulty. Series Problems practice set SSC is available for practice to understand this. For instance, the logical principle behind the sequence(s) stands out and would not be difficult to perceive in a smaller arrangement. This makes r the logical principle smaller and a lot harder to perceive. When this happens, the question demands more consideration and inventiveness in decoding the missing term. Different exams have different types of series problems quiz. A sound preparation of a series quiz for SSC and railway exams is of paramount importance.

Important Concepts Under Series Problems

Series Problems quiz for SSC exams consist of mainly two parts in most competitive exams:

  • Analytical reasoning: The candidate is required to understand the given series in a way that he/she can draw reasonable conclusions based on the provided information.
  • Logical reasoning: This tests the candidate's ability to critically analyze and complete the given question based on the minimal information provided. This also tests the candidate's skill to speculate.

Attempting Series Problems questions require the candidate to understand the kinds of  Series Problems questions. These are the following kinds of  Series Problems questions:

  • Arithmetic Sequences

In these questions, candidates need to obtain the difference between numbers by addition, subtraction or both operations applied to the previous number.

  • Geometric Sequences

These questions reflect ascending or descending numbers. Here, each value is determined by multiplication, division, or both apply, to the previous number by a specific numerical or series of numbers.

  • Two-Stage Sequences

In these sequences, candidates will find differences between two or more consecutive terms in the form of a geometric or arithmetic sequence. Therefore, a logical rule has to be found to determine the next or the missing term.

  • Mixed Sequences

These Mixed sequences usually cover single sequences with one or more rules of arithmetic characterizing it. Practising Series Problems online tests for SSC exams can help you understand this. 

Tips to Solve Series Problems for SSC

These are some steps that can be helpful while solving the Series Problems quiz for SSC exams.

  • Checking the difference between the terms
  • In case the first step doesn't work, checking the difference of the first difference may work. There may be a multiplication or division based correlation as well. If the addition or subtraction doesn't work then try thinking on the lines of other mathematical relations.
  • Sometimes there is an irregularity in the difference between the terms of the series. This means that the difference is obtained by applying a combination of addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
  • Candidates can also try out the elimination method that helps a lot in eliminating the wrong options and arrive at the correct option in less time.
  • Also, consistent practice and regularly attempting solved or unsolved series problems question papers for SSC is a good tip. Making Series Problems notes for SSC exams comes handy.

Importance of series problems in Exams

Number series questions consist of a series of numbers and candidates are asked to identify the missing number, and according to the latest pattern, they are asked to identify the wrong number. This section is essential as the examining authority understands the candidate's logical aptitude, quantitative aptitude, and attention to detail skills. This helps them understand the efficiency of the candidate as an employee. Their quick-wittedness and logic are greatly tested through series problem questions in SSC or railway exams. 

Most Recommended Books for Series Problems:

Some best selling and most effective books for preparing the series problems questions are:

  1. R.s Aggarwal- series problems
  2. M.K Pandey- QuantitativeReasoning
  3. Mishra & Kumar Dr Lal - Multi-Dimensional Reasoning
  4. Pearson- Logical Reasoning Book for Competitive Examinations

These books cover most of the Series Problems topics for SSC exams.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are Series Problem Questions?

Answer: Series Problems questions and answers pdf for SSC exams test skills give an appraisal of a person's capacity to think, reason, and tackle issues in various ways based on their ability to assess a given numerical series and identify the subsequent number, missing number, or wrong number.

  • Are series problems important for SSC and Railway exams?

Answer: Yes, this section is very important for SSC and railway exams as the entire reasoning section contains 25+ marks.

  • Are Series Problems questions in SSC exams difficult, scoring in competitive exams?

Answer: With regularly attempting Series Problems practice test SSC exam, and putting consistent efforts, this section is the easiest to solve and the most scoring bit. It requires improvement in your overall thinking skill. There are Series Problems tricks for SSC exams that can be followed.

  • Is it possible to prepare for the series problems section in one month?

Answer: Yes, this section comprises basic reasoning critical, and analytical thinking skills. With the correct preparation strategy, It is possible to prepare in one month for topics like series problems in a short period. However, critical thinking and logic is an art that requires life-long consistency.

  • What is the weightage of marks given to problems of non-verbal reasoning?

Answer: Questions on series problems contain around 10-15 marks.