Semantic Classification for SSC & Railway Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Oct 28, 2020, 13:26

Semantic classification questions form an important section in logical reasoning. There are questions from verbal and nonverbal reasoning from this section. Students preparing for SSC & Railways, especially for government exams or PSB exams such as SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, Steno, RRB NTPC, Group D, ALP, etc. can expect at least 4-5 questions from this category.

The questions are pretty much easy to solve when you have clarity of concepts and know all the Semantic Classification formulas for SSC exams. We will cover some important aspects of Semantic Classification problems in SSC exams in this article.

Important Semantic Classification Questions

You can find two vital types of  Semantic Classification topics for SSC exams:



Verbal type

Questions in this category involve finding the odd term in a sequence, spotting odd letter pairs, and the link between words, numbers, and alphabets.

Non-verbal type

Questions in non- verbal sections are related to sequence and series of figures, mainly by the rotation of figures by a certain angle, spotting odd one among a series of figures, sequence identification, finding the next figure.

Tips to Solve/ Prepare Semantic Classification

Here are some Semantic Classification tricks for SSC exams to score well in this section:

  • Try to learn the concept clearly from various books, take notes of the  Semantic classification rules. Always stick to the latest Semantic Classification syllabus for SSC exams
  • Appear for various Semantic Classification online tests for SSC exams and use offline resources for collecting previous year semantic classification questions and answers pdf for SSC exams.
  • Make sure that the sources are credible enough not to mislead you. This is important, because, if the answers mentioned are wrong by any chance, it will increase your confusion and shake your confidence as well.
  • Set the timer while solving the questions in the Semantic Classification practice test for the SSC exam. This will inculcate the habit of solving quickly in limited time. Initially, you may face setbacks, but with time and consistent efforts, you will be able to enhance your performance.
  • Create an action plan for efficiently dealing with every section through time allocation and sticking to the plan consistently.

Importance of Semantic Classification

  • The Semantic Classification section is used for gauging the logical reasoning skills of a student in the exam.
  • It shows the dexterity with which the student can solve complex problems in a limited time.
  • Successful candidates are known to be efficient decision-makers in real-life scenarios in a business environment by opting for the right path.
  • This section tests the clarity of a student in resolving an issue with multiple options in a complex situation with a time constraint.

Most Recommended Books for Semantic Classification

Some reliable books of Semantic classification are tabulated below. They have different types of problems, solving which can give you complete clarity of concepts.



Verbal-Non Verbal Reasoning

R.S. Aggarwal,

Analytical Reasoning

M.K Pandey

Practice questions for reasoning ability

Disha Publication

Why prepare Semantic Classification from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

BYJU'S Exam Prep is one of the best online sources for understanding the semantic classification rules and formula for SSC exams. It explains the topic in detail and has comprehensive coverage of all the types of questions from this category with thorough semantic classification notes for SSC exams. Besides this, it helps you remain updated with the latest exam pattern so that you can devise your study plan accordingly.

Final words:

Semantic classification is among the easiest parts in logical reasoning, but for solving the questions in the least time, you need to do enough semantic Classification practice test SSC exam in the form of mock tests or practice papers from the online sources. This will enhance your confidence and help you quickly cover maximum questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How important is semantic classification in competitive exams?

Answer: This chapter in logical reasoning is extremely important. You are bound to see some questions from this section in any competitive exam. 

  • Can a student score easily in semantic classification?

Answer: Yes, because there are no lengthy formulas that a person has to remember for scoring well. Just conceptual clarity, enough practice, quickly solving the problems is needed.

  • Should I attend the semantic classification questions at the end?

Answer: Not necessarily, as it is better to finish questions which you are fully confident of so that you are left with a good amount of time for the tougher ones.

  • Is it possible to start preparing for Semantic classification a month before the exam?

Answer: You can do this since this is an easy topic and it’s better to practice various types of questions from the beginning so you can solve them quickly in the exam.

  • Are there a fixed number of questions that can be expected from this section?

Answer: It is not fixed, but you can get an idea about this by referring to the previous year question papers.